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Trust in Communication Management

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Aydemir Okay
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Aydemir Okay: Trust and Theory of Trust - Nahit Erdem Köker/Mine Yeniçeri Alemdar: Trust in Communication and Public Relations Research: Literature Review - Idil Karademirlidag Suher/Çisil Sohodol Bir/Esin Yalçiner: Ethos: Communicating Corporate Ethos on the Websites of PR Industry Members in Turkey - Emre S. Aslan/Hasan Güllüpunar: The Effect of Brand Trust on Consumers' Buying Behavior: A Study on Forum Trabzon Shopping Center Consumers - Gonca Yildirim: Reliability in Communication Management: Analysis of Reliability Phenomenon that Comparative Advertisements Create on Consumers - Çigdem Karakaya Satir/Zuhal Gök Demir: The Role of Corporate Reputation on Trust and Behavioural Intentions: A Study on a Private Health Institution in Turkey - Banu Kumbasar: Evaluation of Interpersonal and Institutional Trust in Health Care - Hasan Güllüpunar/Emre S. Aslan: The Effect of the Political Leader's Level of "Trust" on the "Credibility" Perception of the Political Messages: Case of the Turkish General Parliamentary Election on November 1, 2015 - Burcu Zeybek: An Empirical Study on Trust in Political Leaders - Oguz Göksu/Fatih Özkoyuncu: Reading Public Opinion Polls in the Process of Trust-Focused Political Communication - Mine Yeniçeri Alemdar/Nahit Erdem Köker: Brand Trust in Social Media: Constituents, Premises and Trust Building Mechanisms - Fulya Erendag Sümer: Social Media and Trust: Understanding Generation Y, Generation X & Baby Boomers' Use of Social Media and Their Trust Level - Gül Sener/Eda Öztürk/Hasan Kemal Suher: Instaplacement and Its Effect on the Perceived Source Credibility of Instabloggers: A Study on University Students - Ahmet Tarhan: The Reliability Perception of the Corporate News in Social Media.
This book aspires to make an expedient contribution to the trust-based body of knowledge. Various disciplines analyze the notion of "trust", by addressing it from their own perspectives. The fact that the importance of multilevel and cross-level perspectives is gaining increasing attention in communication management has led to a call for examining trust across levels of communication analysis. The authors approach trust from the standpoint of different sub-branches of communication discipline, including brand management, public relations research, comparative advertising, health communication, political communication and digital communication. In addition, this book provides empirical evidence from a wide range of cases in Turkey, seeking to both reveal the existing situation in details and open up a world of new questions and lines of enquiry to pursue for future research.

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