A Framework for Freedom

Learner Autonomy in Foreign Language Teacher Education
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Kees van Esch
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Contents : Kees van Esch/Adri Elsen: 'Monoculturalism, stereotypes and beyond' - Gloria Jover: Cognitive and Attitudinal Development in Intercultural Learning - Ragnar Aagård/Oliver St. John: 'Home And Horizon' - Helga Deeg: Intercultural Learning: Celebrating Christmas as an example of a religious celebration in a multicultural group of learners - Marion Friedrich: 'Meeting for meals' - Gloria Jover: Learning to teach how to understand spoken language - Petra Bohn/Adri Elsen/Kees van Esch/Marion Friedrich: Learning to teach how to read in a foreign language - Ragnar Aagård/Oliver St. John: Learner Autonomy in Speaking Skills Development - Adri Elsen/Oliver St. John: 'Profiling for Progress': Learner Autonomy in Writing Skills Development - Marion Friedrich/Kees van Esch: Learner Autonomy in Initial Foreign Language Teacher Training: Writing Skills - Ragnar Aagård/Helga Deeg/Gloria Jover: Learner Autonomy in Developing Writing Skills.
Can learner autonomy as a pedagogical approach improve the quality of foreign language learning? How can this approach be constructed so that it empowers foreign language learners to increase their learning independence and create the conditions for continuing progress? This book seeks to contribute to a longstanding and yet ongoing debate around questions such as these. It has been written by teacher trainers from several different European countries for foreign language teacher trainers and for teachers in training. The authors are committed to building a theoretical framework for the development of learner autonomy as well as working out its practical implications for foreign language teaching. The first three chapters of the book aim to help trainers and teachers understand the theory which is relevant to learner autonomy and the principles which support it. The last three chapters present practical ways of fostering learner autonomy in order to facilitate intercultural competence as well as develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills in a foreign language.

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