Gender in Film and the Media

East-West Dialogues
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Elzbieta H. Oleksy
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Contents: Malgorzata Radkiewicz: Searching for a Way of Expression: Analysis of Selected Films by Jane Campion, Sally Potter, and Ulrike Ottinger - Ewa Mazierska-Kerr: Power, Freedom, and Gender in the Films of Atom Egoyan - James I. Deutsch: As the World Ends: Traditional Gender Roles in Apocalyptic Science-Fiction Films of the Late 1990s - John R. Leo: Revisiting the "Family of Man": Representing Gay Men on American Television Melodrama in the 1980s - Wieslaw Godzic: Sex, Power, and Pleasure: The Phenomenon of Soap Opera - Andrzej Pitrus: Feminist Perspectives on Advertising: Content Analyses - Alison Butler: Under the Skin : Feminism, Realism and British Cinema - László Sári: The Intersection of Race, Class, and Sexuality in Stephen Frears's My Beautiful Laundrette ; or Whose Dirty Laundry is it? - Elzbieta H. Oleksy: "A sparrow with a broken wing... and a shot of vodka": Constructions of Femininity in Post-War Polish Visual Culture - Elzbieta Ostrowska: Otherness Doubled: Representations of Jewish Women in Polish Cinema - Iwona Kurz: Sexuality on Trial: The Case of Kalina Jedrusik - Michael Stevenson: "I Don't Feel Like Talking to You Anymore": Gender Uncertainties in Polish Film Since 1989. An Analysis of Psy (W. Pasikowski 1992) - Ekaterina N. Shapinskaya: Social Construction of Gender Roles in Soviet Film - Almira Ousmanova: Fe/Male Gaze, Subjectivity, and Ideology in Classic Soviet Cinema - Iwona Kolasinska: The Third Sex: Cinema and Transsexuality - Agnieszka Cwikiel: Female Cyborg: Some Troubles with Gender - Krzysztof Loska: The Birth of the Electronic Body and the Pursuit of Subjectivity - Piotr Sitarski: Can I Be Plural in Muds?: Reflections on Characters in Multi-User Dungeons.
Authored by an international team of academics, Gender in Film and the Media responds to continuing debates about representation and gender in cinema and other media, with a particular concentration on the ways in which they may relate to the Central European context since 1989. The emphasis of these essays, on the intersections between social and cultural formations and practices of gender, represents an attempt to move beyond the abstractions of the founding texts in this field, and to ground theoretical reflection in close textual and contextual analysis. This book thus also represents the expansion of cultural exchange between East and West since 1989, which has created new and challenging opportunities to rethink the imaging of gender in national and international frameworks.

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