Recent Advances in Optimization
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Recent Advances in Optimization

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563, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems
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"The contributions appearing in this book give an overview of recent research done in optimization and related areas, such as optimal control, calculus of variations, and game theory. They do not only address abstract issues of optimization theory, but are also concerned with the modeling and computer resolution of specific optimization problems arising in industry and applied sciences. TOC:Optimization Theory and Algorithms.- Optimal Control and Calculus of Variations.- Game Theory.- Industrial Applications and Numberical Testing."
Optimization Theory and Algorithms.- On the Asymptotic Behavior of a System of Steepest Descent Equations Coupled by a Vanishing Mutual Repulsion.- Inverse Linear Programming.- Second-Order Conditions in C1,1 Vector Optimization with Inequality and Equality Constraints.- Benson Proper Efficiency in Set-Valued Optimization on Real Linear Spaces.- Some Results About Proximal-Like Methods.- Application of the Proximal Point Method to a System of Extended Primal-Dual Equilibrium Problems.- On Stability of Multistage Stochastic Decision Problems.- Nonholonomic Optimization.- A Note on Error Estimates for some Interior Penalty Methods.- Optimal Control and Calculus of Variations.- L1-Optimal Boundary Control of a String to Rest in Finite Time.- An Application of PL Continuation Methods to Singular Arcs Problems.- On an Elliptic Optimal Control Problem with Pointwise Mixed Control-State Constraints.- On Abstract Control Problems with Non-Smooth Data.- Sufficiency Conditions for Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems.- On Nonconvex Relaxation Properties of Multidimensional Control Problems.- Existence and Structure of Solutions of Autonomous Discrete Time Optimal Control Problems.- Numerical Methods for Optimal Control with Binary Control Functions Applied to a Lotka-Volterra Type Fishing Problem.- Game Theory.- Some Characterizations of Convex Games.- The Bird Core for Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Problems Revisited: Monotonicity and Additivity Aspects.- A Parametric Family of Mixed Coalitional Values.- Industrial Applications and Numerical Testing.- Complementarity Problems in Restructured Natural Gas Markets.- Reconciling Franchisor and Franchisee: A Planar Biobjective Competitive Location and Design Model.- Tools for Robotic Trajectory Planning Using Cubic Splines and Semi-Infinite Programming.- Solving Mathematical Programs with Complementarity Constraints with Nonlinear Solvers.- A Filter Algorithm and Other NLP Solvers: Performance Comparative Analysis.- How Wastewater Processes can be Optimized Using LOQO.
This volume contains the Proceedings of the Twelfth French-German-Spanish Conference on Optimization held at the University of Avignon in 2004. We refer to this conference by using the acronym FGS-2004. During the period September 20-24, 2004, about 180 scientists from around the world met at Avignon (France) to discuss recent developments in optimization and related fields. The main topics discussed during this meeting were the following: 1. smooth and nonsmooth continuous optimization problems, 2. numerical methods for mathematical programming, 3. optimal control and calculus of variations, 4. differential inclusions and set-valued analysis, 5. stochastic optimization, 6. multicriteria optimization, 7. game theory and equilibrium concepts, 8. optimization models in finance and mathematical economics, 9. optimization techniques for industrial applications. The Scientific Committee of the conference consisted of F. Bonnans (Rocqu- court, France), J.-B. Hiriart-Urruty (Toulouse, France), F. Jarre (Diisseldorf, Germany), M.A. Lopez (Alicante, Spain), J.E. Martinez-Legaz (Barcelona, Spain), H. Maurer (Miinster, Germany), S. Pickenhain (Cottbus, Germany), A. Seeger (Avignon, France), and M. Thera (Limoges, France). The conference FGS-2004 is the 12th of the series of French-German meetings which started in Oberwolfach in 1980 and was continued in Confolant (1981), Luminy (1984), Irsee (1986), Varetz (1988), Lambrecht (1991), Dijon (1994), Trier (1996), Namur (1998), Montpellier (2000), and Cottbus (2002).

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