Forest Diversity and Function
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Forest Diversity and Function

Temperate and Boreal Systems
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Michael Scherer-Lorenzen
176, Ecological Studies
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Table of Contents
Section A: Introduction
1 The functional significance of forest diversity: the starting point
Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Körner, Ch., Schulze, E.-D.
2 An introduction to the functional diversity of temperate forest trees
Körner, Ch.
Section B: Productivity and growth
3 Diversity and productivity in forests: evidence from long-term experimental plots
Pretzsch, H.
4 Confounding factors of the observational productivity-diversity relationship in forests
Vilà, M., Inchausti, P., Vayreda, J., Barrantes, O., Gracia, C., Ibáñez, J. J., Mata, T.
5 Genetic diversity parameters associated with viability selection, reproductive efficiency and growth in forest tree species
G. Müller-Starck, G., Ziehe, M., Schubert, R.
Section C: Biogeochemical cycles
6 Functioning of mixed-species stands: evidence from a long-term forest experiment
Jones, H. E., McNamara, N. Mason, W.L.
7 The role of biodiversity on the evaporation of forests
Baldocchi D. D.
8 Effects of tree species diversity on litter quality and decomposition
Hättenschwiler, S.
9 The effect of biodiversity on carbon storage in soils
G. Gleixner, C. Kramer, V. Hahn and D. Sachse
10 Silviculture and its interaction with biodiversity and the carbon balance of forest soils
Mund, M., E.-D. Schulze
Section D: Animals, Pests and Disturbances
11 Linkages between tree diversity, soil fauna and ecosystem processes
Scheu, S.
12 A test of the biodiversity-stability theory: meta-analysis of tree species diversity effects on insect pest infestations, and re-examination of responsible factors
Jactel, H., Brockerhoff, E., Duelli, P.
13 Susceptibility to fungal pathogens of forests differing in tree diversity
Pautasso, M., Holdenrieder, O., Stenlid, J.
14 Implication of forest diversity for theresistance to strong winds
15 Fire regime and tree diversity in boreal forests: implications for the carbon cycle
Wirth, C.
Section E: Perspectives
16 The design of experimental tree plantations for functional biodiversity research
Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Potvin, C., Koricheva, J., Schmid, B., Hector, A., Bornik, Z., Reynolds, G. Schulze, E.-D.
17 The functional significance of forest diversity: a synthesis
Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Körner, Ch., Schulze, E.-D.

Subject Index
One of the central research themes in ecology is evaluating the extent to which biological richness is necessary to sustain the Earth's system and the functioning of individual ecosystems. In this volume, for the first time, the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem processes in forests is thoroughly explored. The text examines the multiple effects of tree diversity on productivity and growth, biogeochemical cycles, animals, pests, and disturbances. Further, the importance of diversity at different scales, ranging from stand management to global issues, is considered. The authors provide both extensive reviews of the existing literature and own datasets. The volume is ideally suited for researchers and practitioners involved in ecosystem management and the sustainable use of forest resources.