Dark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics
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Dark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics

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"The search for dark matter in the universe has established itself as one of the most exciting and central fields of astrophysics, particle physics and cosmology. The lectures and talks in this book emphasize the experimental and theoretical status and future perspectives, stressing in particular the interplay between astro- and particle physics. TOC:Astronomical Evidence for Dark Matter.- Direct Hot and Cold Dark Matter Detection and Search.- Collider and Search for Dark Matter.- Cosmology, Baryogenesis, Dark Energy.- SUSY/SUGRA Phenomenology in Dark Matter, New Symmetries."
Astronomical Evidence for Dark Matter.- The Milky Way's Black Hole and the Central Stellar Cluster: Variable Emission from SgrA.- Indirect Evidence for WIMP Annihilation from Diffuse Galactic Gamma Rays.- Probing Dark Objects with Gravitational Lensing.- Cosmological Interpretation from High Redshift Clusters Observed within the XMM-Newton ?-Project.- Wakes in Dark Matter Halos.- Relic Neutrino Clustering and Implications for Their Detection.- Shadow Shapes Around the Black Hole in the Galactic Centre.- Direct Hot and Cold Dark Matter Detection Search.- Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay - and Hot Dark Matter.- DAMA/NaI Results on Dark Matter Particles by Annual Modulation Signature.- DAMA/LIBRA and Beyond.- The GENIUS-Test-Facility and the HDMS Detector in GRAN SASSO.- First CDMS II WIMP Search Results from the Soudan Underground Laboratory.- Dark Matter Search at Boulby Mine.- Prospects for the Detection of SUSY Dark Matter.- Status of ZEPLIN II and ZEPLIN III.- The XENON Dark Matter Experiment.- Recent Status of the XMASS Project.- DRIFT and Prospects for a Large Scale Directional WIMP Detector.- COUPP, a Heavy-Liquid Bubble Chamber for WIMP Detection.- The SuperCDMS Experiment.- WIMP-Wind Detection with an Advanced Gaseous Tracking Device.- SIGN, a WIMP Detector Based on High Pressure Gaseous Neon.- Exploring Novel Signatures in Direct Neutralino Searches.- Collider and Search for Dark Matter.- Indirect, Direct and Collider Detection of SUSY Dark Matter.- Dark Matter and Colliders.- Dark Matter Limits from the g-2 Experiment.- RPV Neutralino Searches from LEP to LHC.- Tripling the LHC: The Path from Technology to Discovery.- Update on the MINOS Experiment at the Fermilab Main Injector.- Cosmology, Baryogenesis, Dark Energy.- Kinematics and Dark Energy from 1.- Low Redshift (z < 1) Supernova Studies.- Liouville Cosmology.- How Dark is 'Dark'? Electromagnetic Interactions in the Dark Sector.- Leptonic CP Violation and Baryon Asymmetry.- A New Type Baryogenesis: Q-Genesis.- Cosmological Constant and Gravity+Matter Self-Creation in a Cosmology with an Unbounded Hamiltonian Taking into Account Negative Energy of Gravity.- Precise Theory of Orbits in General Relativity, the Cosmological Constant and the Perihelion Precession of Mercury.- Dark Matter and Pulsar Kicks from a Singlet Neutrino.- Dealing with Dark Energy.- Possible Influence of Dark Energy on the Dark Matter Relic Abundance.- Supersymmetric Dark Matter Q-balls and their Interactions with Matter.- Cosmology with Chandra Observations of Galaxy Clusters.- Intrinsically Faint Quasars: Evidence for meV Axion Dark Matter in the Universe.- Quantum Theory of Neutrino Spin-Light in a Dense Matter.- SUSY/SUGRA Phenomenology in Dark Matter, New Symmetries.- Upper Limits on Sparticle Masses from WMAP Dark Matter Constraints with Modular Invariant Soft Breaking.- Dark Matter Candidates in Supersymmetric Models.- On the Mixed Spin-Scalar Coupling Approach in Dark Matter Search.- Light Neutralino Dark Matter in Gaugino Non-Universal Models.- How Can We Make Sure We Detect Dark Matter?.- From New Geometry Towards a New Symmetry. Reflexive Numbers and Berger Graphs from Calabi-Yau Spaces.
TheFifthHEIDELBERGInternationalConferenceonDarkMatterinAst- and Particle Physics, DARK 2004, took place at Texas A&M University, College Station Texas, USA, October 3¿9, 2004. It was, after Cape Town 2002, the second conference of this series held outside Germany. The earlier meetings, starting in 1996, were held in Heidelberg. Dark Matter is still one of the most exciting and central ?elds of ast- physics, particle physics and cosmology. The conference covered, as usual for this series, a large range of topics, theoretical and experimental. Theoretical talks covered SUSY/SUGRA phenomenology, which provides at present a preferred theoretical framework for the existence of cold dark matter. Also included were other possible explanations of dark matter such as SUSY Q balls, exciting New Symmetries, etc. The most important experiments in the underground search for cold and hot dark matter were presented. Talks describing the current experimental dark matter bounds, what might be obtained in the near future, and the reach of future large (i.e. one ton) detectors were given. The potential of future colliders to correlate accelerator physics with dark matter searches was also outlined. Thus the reader will be able to see the present status and future prospects in the search for dark matter. The exciting astronomical evidence for dark matter and corresponding observations concerning the Milky Way¿s black hole, high-redshift clusters, wakes in dark matter halos were other important topics at the conference.

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