Organic Chemistry of Photography

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Shinsaku Fujita
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Reference books published previously on photography have laid stress on the role of silver halides, even when they have dealt with color photography. In contrast, the roles of organic compounds in photography are emphasized in this book. This change of viewpoint provides the readers with a guide to carry out molecular design and synthesis design necessary for color photography
I Fundamentals of Photography.- 1. Photography Based on Silver Halides. An Overview.- 2. Photographic Emulsions.- 3. Silver Halide Crystals. Fundamental Properties.- 4. Silver Halide Crystals. Photo-Sensitivity.- 5. Photographic Development and Developers.- II Principles of Color Photography.- 6. Color Reproduction.- 7. Spectral Sensitization and Sensitizing Dyes.- III Chromogenic Photography.- 8. History of Color Development.- 9. Color Developers.- 10. Couplers.- 11. Two-Equivalent Couplers.- 12. Colored Couplers.- 13. DIR Couplers and Related Compounds.- 14. DIR Hydroquinones and Related Compounds.- IV Diffusion Transfer Photography.- 15. Silver-Salt Diffusion Transfer Photography.- 16. Chemistry in Instant Color Photography.- 17. Dye Developers.- 18. p-Sulfonamidonaphthol Dye Releasers.- 19. o-Sulfonamidophenol Dye Releasers.- 20. Positive-Working Dye Releasers.- V Dye Bleach Photography.- 21. Silver Dye Bleach Photography.
In conventional color photography, spectral sensitizers cooperate with silver halide as acceptors of light during the exposure process, color developers reduce silver halide grains during the developing process, and finally the resulting oxidized developers react with couplers to form imaging dyes. Instant color photography gives us an alternative way of realizing excellent color reproduction, in which dyes changing their diffusibility play an important role. The aim of this book is to provide researchers and graduate students with a perspective on how such organic compounds work in color photography and how seemingly miraculous techniques based on organic chemistry lead to color images of high quality. The readers will acquire the philosophy and learn from hints on how to develop functionalized organic compounds.