Robust Control Systems

Theory and Case Studies
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Uwe Mackenroth
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Provides a self-contained introduction to control theory that emphasizes the most modern designs for high performance and robustness. This book incorporates mathematical derivations and proofs. It also includes many elementary examples and advanced case studies using MATLAB Toolboxes.
1 Introduction.- 2 Rational Transfer Functions.- 3 SISO Feedback Systems.- 4 Classical Design Methods.- 5 Linear Dynamical Systems.- 6 Basic Properties of Multivariable Feedback Systems.- 7 Norms of Systems and Performance.- 8 H2 Optimal Control.- 9 H? Optimal Control: Riccati-Approach.- 10 H? Optimal Control: LMI-Approach and Applications.- 11 Case Studies for H2 and H? Optimal Control ..- 12 Representation of Uncertainty.- 13 Synthesis of Robust Controllers.- 14 Case Studies for Robust Control.- A Mathematical Background.- Notation and Symbols.
"Robust Control Systems" gives a self-contained introduction to modern Control Theory. It thus adds a textbook to the existing research-oriented literature on Robust Control. The author lays emphasis on the modern aspects of the design of controllers with prescribed performance and robustness properties. Different to the classical engineering approach, a rigorous mathematical treatment is essential for the full understanding and applicability of the modern methods such as H2 or H8 control or methods based on the structured singular value µ. Nevertheless, no prior knowledge of Control Theory is required as the classical fundamentals are introduced within the first few chapters. Subsequently a large part of the text provides elementary examples and industrial case studies, which are developed in full detail to show how modern methods can be applied to advanced problems. They make intensive use of MATLAB, especially the Control Systems Toolbox and the µ-Analysis and Synthesis Toolbox.