Walter Kohn

Personal Stories and Anecdotes Told by Friends and Collaborators
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Matthias Scheffler
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Walter Kohn as Ph.D. Advisor.- Memories of Walter Kohn at Bell Labs and After.- Walter Kohn: My Ideal of a "Man of Science".- A Twinkle in the Eyes.- The Max von Laue Kolloquium at the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin.- More Than a Founding Father.- Walter Kohn, the Chemist.- Looking 50 Years Back: Walter, on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday.- Meeting Walter Kohn.- Of Sandboxes and Silences.- A Glimpse of Walter Kohn.- Quantum Reflections.- Not a Relative, but ....- Riding Walter's Wake.- Paris Acquaintances.- Walter Kohn and the UCSB Campus.- Principle and Practice.- Thanksgiving at the Kohns.- Walter Kohn and UC Policy.- Walter Kohn and the Australian Psyche.- Reunion in History.- For Rappa on His 80th Birthday from Terry.- Meeting Walter Kohn in Internment Camp.- Meeting Walter Kohn.- Impressions of Walter Kohn.- Reminiscences of Walter.- To Know How to Count ....- My Friend and Colleague Walter Kohn.- Working with Walter.- A Chinese Portrait of Walter Kohn.- Memories of Walter Kohn in Santa Barbara.- Thinking Back.- Thank You Walter for All You Have Taught Us.- Vision Realized in Details: To Walter on His 80th Birthday.- Walter Kohn in Japan.- My Favorite "Walter Story".- Walter Kohn as a Scientist and a Citizen.- A Personal Tribute to Walter Kohn on His 80th Birthday.- Recollections of a Long Friendship.- My Recollections of Professor Walter Kohn.- With Walter: 40 Years of Friendship.- The Noble Day.- The Pleasure of Getting to Know Walter Kohn.- Happy Birthday Walter!.- Memories of a Great Scientist and a Great Person.- Many Happy Returns, Walter!.- A Postdoc with Walter.- Reminiscences on the Occasion of Walter Kohn's 80th Birthday.- Some Recollections About Walter and His Work.- Romancing the Theorem.- Crete, June 1998.- Recollections of Walter Kohn.- Walter Kohn - Points of Impact.- KKR - Reminiscences About Walter Kohn.- Cecam's Visitor!.- Nobel Mania.- Walter's Contagious Conscience.- Memorable Moments with Walter Kohn.- Impressions of Walter Kohn.- ... Small Matters.- Walter Kohn in Cracow.- Walter Kohn.- A Class with Class.- Great Influences in a Small Country.- Walter's Group Parties.- He Did Effective-Mass Theory Too!.- Thoughts and Recollections of a Remarkable Man.- The Bonding of Quantum Physics with Quantum Chemistry.- My Meetings with Walter Kohn.- The Greatest Gift Is Something Worth Thinking About.- Vignettes: Switzerland, Australia, Santa Barbara.- Theory Versus Reality.- Recollections of Walter in La Jolla and Zurich.- I am Happy that the R Stands for Rostoker.- It Started with Image Charges.- A Math Teacher's Little Poem.- Stories About Walter.- A Special Reunion.- Walking and Talking in Berlin.- My Personal Walter Kohn Story.- Walter Kohn and Vienna.- We Met at the Institute in Copenhagen.- Happy Birthday, Walter.- A Mean Martini.- Lunch with Walter.- Act of Compassion.- Some Recollections of Life with Walter Kohn.- Bonjour Mon Très Cher Ami et Bonne Anniversaire.- Walter Kohn and Boris Regal: The Early Days of ITP.- Flashback to My Post-doc Days with Walter.- A Challenge to My Own Scientific Thoughts.- Walter Kohn's Influence on One Engineer.- A Tribute to Walter Kohn.- Encounters with Walter: From the Mysterious Second "K" to the Local Secretary.- An Encounter with Walter Kohn in Orsay.- Walter Kohn, World Citizen and Professor Extraordinaire.- Meeting with Walter Kohn.- My Experience of Working with Walter.- Walter Kohn: Mentor and Role Model.- The Scientist and Human Values.- Appendix I-Autobiography.- Appendix II- A Musical.
This is not a science book, nor even a book about science, although most of the contributors are scientists. It is a book of personal stories about Walter Kohn, a theoretical physicist and winner of half of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Walter Kohn originated and/or refined a number of very important theoretical approaches and concepts in solid-state physics. He is known in particular for Density-Functional Theory. This book represents a kind of "oral history" about him, gathered - in anticipation of his 80th birthday - from former students, collaborators, fellow-scientists, and friends.