Lymphoproliferative Diseases of the Skin
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Lymphoproliferative Diseases of the Skin

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E. Christophers
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Structure and Function of the Immune System.- The Germinal Centre: Morphology, Histochemistry, and Immunohistology.- Histogenesis of T Cells.- Structure and Function of Stroma Cells in Lymphoid Tissues.- Origin and Functions of Langerhans Cells and Their Role in Disease.- Lymphocyte Hybridomas: Present State.- Pathogenetic Aspects.- Pathogenesis of Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma.- Proliferation Rate of Cutaneous T Cell Lymphomas in the Skin - Relationship with Histologic Pattern and Cytology.- Autoradiographic Pattern of Cell Proliferation in Cutaneous Malignant Lymphoma.- Lymphokines in Human Lymphomas: Evidence for Malignant Proliferation of T Cells Producing Interleukin-2 in Sézary's Syndrome.- In vitro Chemotaxis of Lymphocytes in Cutaneous Lymphoma.- Morphology and Immunohistology.- Comparative Histologic Study of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas in Skin and Lymph Nodes.- Differentiation Between Pseudolymphomas and Malignant B Cell Lymphomas of the Skin.- Light and Electron Microscopic Studies on Mycosis Fungoides During Long-Term PUVA-Treatment.- Relevance of Morphometry in the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Cutaneous T Cell Lymphomas.- Phenotypic Analysis of Cells in Cutaneous Lymphoma - An Immunohistologic Study.- Ultrastructural Demonstration of the Helper Phenotype of Sézary Cells Using Monoclonal Antibodies.- Primary "Reticulum Cell Sarcoma" of the Skin: High Frequency of True Histiocytic Lymphoma (Histiocytic Sarcoma).- Light and Electron Microscopical Investigations on the Helix Pomatia Lectin Receptor on Normal and Malignant Lymphocytes with Peroxidase-Bound Helix Pomatia Lectin.- Identification of Malignant Lymphocytes in Cutaneous Infiltrates by the Colchicine Sensitivity Index.- Mycosis Fungoides Bullosa.- Lymphomatoid Papulosis: A Cutaneous T Cell Pseudolymphoma?.- Clinical Features.- Clinical, Morphological and Functional Aspects of Cutaneous T Cell Lymphomas.- Cutaneous B Cell Lymphomas.- Follow-ups in Cutaneous Immunocytomas.- Cutaneous Histiocytic Lymphoma.- Benign Lymphocytomas - Clinical and Histologic Aspects.- Pagetoid Reticulosis.- Pagetoid Reticulosis - A Rare Entity?.- Pagetoid Reticulosis - A Problem of Histogenesis.- T Cell Microenvironment in Woringer-Kolopp's Disease.- Merkel Cell Neoplasms of the Skin.- Cooperative Study Groups, Staging and Treatment.- Kiel Lymphoma Study Group.- German-Austrian Cutaneous Lymphoma Cooperative Study Group.- Dutch Mycosis Fungoides Study Group.- Scandinavian Mycosis Fungoides Trial.- Staging and Treatment of Cutaneous T Cell Lymphomas (Mycosis Fungoides and the Sézary Syndrome) at the National Cancer Institute (USA).- Staging in Mycosis Fungoides with Respect to Lymphography and Lymph Node Histology.- Leukapheresis in the Sézary Syndrome.
In recent years immunobiology has witness aspects on the background of various meth ed most remarkable achievements and the ods applied, as well as clinicopathologic im understanding of lymphomas and leukemias plications. A special chapter is addressed to is greatly increased. Knowing that these "Pagetoid Reticulosis" elucidating the neoplasms are essentially immunoprolif various views on the cytogenesis of this neo plasm. For the same reason, a contribution erative diseases extended the dermatological views of the corresponding skin tumors. on "Merkel Cell Neoplasms of the Skin" has Sophisticated techniques and new im been included because these tumors have munological methods now enable us to been mistaken for pagetoid reticulosis. analyze and classify cutaneous malignant The last chapter on "Cooperative Study lymphomas far better than before. As a Groups, Staging and Treatment" leads off consequence this has produced a vast lit with the signmcant contribution from the erature on this subject in the last few years. Kiel Lymphoma Study Group (G. Brit For those who are not so familiar with mod tinger}. 1t deals with the results of a prospec em immunological thinking, it has become tive study of nodal lymphomas which were increasingly difficult to keep abreast with classilled according to the Kiel Classmca these developments, and a comprehensive tion. Treatment protocols applied to skin review of this subject appeared to be needed. lymphomas are reported from Cooperative This is the purpose of the present book.

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