Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms

An Analysis on the Protocol Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Their Parts and Components
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Joy Asanga
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220x150x4 mm

Any part of the world could be in a state of disarray, but when a state popularly known as "the home of peace and tourism" breaks into violence claiming over 761 lives within 2 days, there is more than enough cause for alarm and that's just one infinitesimal issue regarding violence that has touched the lives of people globally. Because we have a trade system that has allowed the world evolve into a global village (maritime), we are connected by similar geographical endowments. It may be that we have focused more on the advantage of being able to convey goods in large quantities than in maintaining and securing those trade routes. But the questions are: where do these arms and ammunition come from? Why have we failed to curb the illicit trade of such arms and ammunition? Like the ISPS Code and the 9/11 event, are we waiting for an event that would shake the world to its core before we develop the appropriate legal frameworks to secure our future? Better still, are there International Protocols that could help but are just not being adopted by certain countries in power? Whatever your questions, this book shows how the CATOC may help tremendously in battling illicit arms trade.

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