Trends in Poverty Reduction in Selected Asean Countries

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This book is an analysis of the KIHASA International Workshop participated by selected Asian Countries. It is important to know and it helps the participating countries to really understand developmental and other issues surrounding them. As a student of Social Development, this paper helps us analyze issues on development not only in our country but also in other neighboring countries. The workshop conducted presented the important role and responsibility of the state, challenges on how to address the pressing needs of their people and how to implement the policies, goals comprehensively and effectively to the target beneficiaries. Millions remain affected by the poverty globally. The very common problem facing among the eight ASIAN countries participated in the workshop is poverty, it means that there is deprivation of basic needs that includes food, shelter, access to better health services, access to water facilities and education services and other services that they need it most. Aside from the problem on poverty that most of these countries are facing, increasing population growth rate is also a problem and challenge for the government to address these issues.

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