Mathematics Education in Brazil

Panorama of Current Research
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Alessandro Jacques Ribeiro
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Presents for the first in English an overview of the research developed by the strongest Mathematics Education community in Latin America
Chapter1: To think in a new way in mathematics education.- Chapter2: 1, 2: What did we do? 3, 4: Let's learn some more! Research on early schooling mathematics education in Brazil.- Chapter3: Research on Mathematics Education in Middle School in Brazil.- Chapter4: Brazilian mathematics education in high school.- Chapter5: Mathematics education at university level: contributions from Brazil.- Chapter6: History of mathematics and culture: moments and movements in Brazilian mathematics education.- Chapter7: Digital technologies and mathematics education: interlocutions and contributions based on research developed in Brazil.- Chapter8: Mathematics teacher education: synthesis and perspectives of research developed in Brazil.- Chapter9: Assessment and mathematics education: possibilities and challenges of Brazilian research.- Chapter10: Cognitive and linguistic processes in Brazilian mathematics education: theoretical considerations and educational implications.- Chapter11: Research on mathematical modelling in mathematics education in Brazil: overview and considerations.- Chapter 12: Philosophy of mathematics education: a panorama from Brazil.- Chapter13: Every citizen needs to know statistics! What are we doing? Brazilian research in statistics education.- Chapter14: Difference, inclusion and mathematics education in Brazil.
This book presents, for the first time in English, the state of the art of Mathematics Education research in Brazil, a country that has the strongest community in this field in Latin America. Edited by leading researchers in the area, the volume provides the international academic community a summary of the scientific production of the thirteen working groups of the Brazilian Society of Mathematics Education (SBEM), the national scientific society that brings together researchers, teachers, students and other professionals of the area.
These working groups meet every three years at the International Seminar of Mathematics Education (SIPEM) and cover the following topics: Mathematics Education in the Early Years and Primary Education (Y1-Y5); Mathematics Education in the Middle School (Y6-Y9); Mathematics Education in the High School (Y10-Y12); Mathematics Education at the University level; History of Mathematics, Culture and Mathematics Education; Digital Technologies and Distance Education; Teacher Education; Assessment and Mathematics Education; Cognitive and Linguistic Processes in Mathematics Education; Mathematical Modeling; Philosophy of Mathematics Education, Teaching Probability and Statistics; and Difference, Inclusion and Mathematics Education.

Each chapter of the book presents an overview of the production of a working group and they are all preceded by an introduction by professor Ubiratan D'Ambrosio, one of the pioneers of Mathematics Education in Brazil.