Haptics: Science, Technology, and Applications

11th International Conference, EuroHaptics 2018, Pisa, Italy, June 13-16, 2018, Proceedings, Part I
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Domenico Prattichizzo
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10893, Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Effect of Dual Tasking on Vibrotactile Feedback Guided Reaching - a Pilot Study.- Is Cross-Modal Matching Necessary? A Bayesian Analysis of Individual Reference Cues.- Differences in Beta Oscillation of the Middle Frontal Cortex with or without Tactile Stimulation in Active Touch Task.- Optimization of the hanger reflex (I): Examining the correlation between skin deformation and illusion intensity.- A Case of Perceptual Completion in Tactile Spatio-Temporal Space.- How Visual Images and Tactile Durations Affect the Emotional Ratings of the Cutaneous-Rabbit Illusion.- Simon Effect for the desing of Tactile Stimulation.- Parameters that Affect Subjective Hardness in the Acceleration Response of a Stylus when Hitting an Object.- Correlation between Electrovibration Perception Magnitude and the Normal Force Applied by Finger.- Haptic texture perception on 3D-printed surfaces transcribed from visual natural textures.- Identification and Evaluation of Perceptual Attributes for Periodic Whole-Body and Hand-Arm Vibration.- Influence of Shape Elements on Performance during Haptic Rotation.- Effects of Chai3D Texture Rendering Parameters on Texture Perception.- Effect of Control Movement Scale on Visual Haptic Interactions Tactile Apparent Motion through Human-Human Physical Touch Preliminary stiffness perception assessment for a tele-palpation haptic interfaceProbing Perception: Effect of latency in visual-haptic feedback.- Perceived Frequency of Aperiodic Vibrotactile Stimuli Depends on Temporal Encoding Haptic Tracing of Midair Linear Trajectories Presented by Ultrasound Bessel Beams.- Asymmetric Cooling and Heating Perception.- Haptic Scene Analysis: Mechanical Property Separation Despite Parasitic Dynamics.- Influence of Scanning Velocity on Skin Vibration for Coarse Texture.- Judged roughness as a function of groove frequency and groove width in 3D-printed gratings.- Using Spatiotemporal Modulation to Draw Tactile Patterns in Mid-air.- Discovering articulations by touch: a human study for robotics applications.- - A Multimodal Illusion of Force Improves Control Perception in Above-Surface Gesture: Elastic Zed-Zoom.- Pseudohaptic Feedback for Teleoperated Gripping Interactions.- A Pilot Study: Introduction of Time-domain Segment to Intensity-based Perception Model of High-frequency Vibration.- Haptic Human-Human Interaction Through a Compliant Connection Does Not Improve Motor Learning in a Force Field.- Relative sensation of wetness of different materials.- Exploring Fingers' Limitation of Texture Density Perception on Ultrasonic Haptic Displays.- Hardness Perception through Tapping: Peak and Impulse of the Reaction Force Reflect the Subjective Hardness.- Analysis of Ultrasound Radiation and Proposal of Design Criteria in Ultrasonic Haptic Display for Practical Applications.- Haptic Saliency Model for Rigid Textured Surfaces.- Vibrotactile Pattern Identification in a Multisensory Display.- Influence of Different Types of Prior Knowledge on Haptic Exploration of Soft Objects.
The two-volume set LNCS 10893 and 10894 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 11th International Conference EuroHaptics 2018, held in Pisa, Italy, in June 2018.The 95 papers (40 oral presentations and554 poster presentations) presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 138 submissions. These proceedings reflect the multidisciplinary nature of EuroHaptics and cover all aspects of haptics, including neuroscience, psychophysics, perception, engineering, computing, interaction, virtual reality and arts.