An Old Melody in a New Song

Aesthetics and the Art of Psychology
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Luca Tateo
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Presents aesthetics not only as the science of beauty, but as a fundamental dimension of human psychological experience
Chapter 1. Aesthetics in Emerging Psychologies, Aesthetics for Emerging Psychologies.- Chapter 2. Psychology in Emerging Aesthetics.- Chapter 3. Psychological Aesthetics in Russia on the Threshold of the Nineteenth-Century.- Chapter 4. Between Sublimity and Pleasantness: About Aesthetic Distribution in Music and Psychology.- Chapter 5. Participatory Aesthetics: The Function of Imagination.- Chapter 6. Imaginative Processes and Culture: Some Philosophical Reflections from Cultural Psychology.- Chapter 7. Creativity and Aesthetic Experience in Childhood: A Question for Psychology.- Chapter 8. Performing Authethnography as Critical Learning.- Chapter 9. Playing in Streams of Knowledge: Multimodality in Perception and Action.- Chapter 10. Social Representations as Social Forms and Aesthetic Phenomena: Dialogue Between Moscovici and Simmel.- Chapter 11. The Aestheticized Pilgrimage to IKEATOPIA.
This book explores the relationship between cultural psychology and aesthetics, by integrating the historical, theoretical and phenomenological perspectives. It offers a comprehensive discussion of the history of aesthetics and psychology from an international perspective, with contributions by leading researchers from Serbia, Austria, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, and Brazil.
The first section of the book aims at summarizing the debate of where the song comes from. It discusses undeveloped topics, methodological hints, and epistemological questions in the different areas of contemporary psychological sciences. The second section of the book presents concrete examples of case-studies and methodological issues (the new melodies in psychological research) to stimulate further explorations. The book aims to bring art back into psychology, to provide an understanding for the art of psychology.

An Old Melody in a New Song will be of interest to advanced students and researchers in the fields of educational and developmental psychology, cultural psychology, history of ideas, aesthetics, and art-based research.

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