Gastrointestinal Interventional Radiology

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Charan K. Singh
390 g
242x159x15 mm
Provides a detailed overview of all gastrointestinal IR procedures
Chapter 1: Gastrointestinal Imaging Samantha Huq, Marco Molina, Charan Singh
Chapter 2: Enteric Feeding and Decompression Tubes John A. Cieslak, Elena G. Violari, Douglas W. Gibson
Chapter 3: Gastrostomy and Gastrojejunostomy Prasoon P. Mohan, John J. Manov, Michael E. Langston, Charan K. Singh
Chapter 4: Ascites Management Michael Baldwin, Mark Amirault
Chapter 5: Abscess Drainage/Biopsy Prasoon P. Mohan, Adam Swersky
Chapter 6: Biliary Interventions Harry Griffin, Charan K. Singh
Chapter 7: Interventions in Portal Hypertension Pushpinder Singh Khera
Chapter 8: Liver - Oncology and Trauma Elizabeth Anne C. Hevert, Suvranu Ganguli
Chapter 9: Radiologic Diagnosis and Intervention for Gastrointestinal Bleeding John A. Cieslak, Elena G. Violari, Charan Singh
This volume provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of gastrointestinal interventional radiology (IR). The text reviews the extensive array of gastrointestinal IR procedures available, while illustrating the ways in which IR can help and how IR may be the only means available to treat patients. The book also focuses on common clinical issues surrounding IR procedures, including how to know which procedures are best for a patient, how to prepare patients for the procedure, and how to handle complications and decide on medications after the procedure. Written by experts in the field, Gastrointestinal Interventional Radiology is a valuable resource for clinicians and practitioners that will help improve overall patient clinical outcomes.

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