The Iranian Reform Movement

Civil and Constitutional Rights in Suspension
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Majid Mohammadi
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218x153x27 mm
Provides a very thorough overview and analysis of the reform movement in Iran
Part I. Background
Chapter 1. Civil Resistance and the Non-violent State Building Process in Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Century Iran

Chapter 2. Iranian Reform Movement (IRM) and Political Development in the Last Quarter of 20th Century

Part II. Foundations and Platforms

Chapter 3. The Nature of IRM: Existence and Causes
Chapter 4. Opportunities Lost: IRM and Human Rights

Part III. Movement of Movements

Chapter 5. IRM and the Iranian Women's Movement: Feminism Interacted

Chapter 6. IRM and the Iranian Reformist Press: Survival and Development

Chapter 7. IRM and the Iranian Student Movement

Part IV. Contextual Framework and Influential Forces

Chapter 8. Dual Military System and the Framework for Counter-movement

Chapter 9. Internet and the Treasure House of Information

Part V. New Era of Protests

Chapter 10. Prelude to the Green Movement

Chapter 11. The Green Movement and Ordeal of Democracy
This book analyzes the reform movement in Iran and traces its political roots from the beginning of the 20th century to its relative demise with the purging of the Green Movement after the 2009 disputed elections. The author explains how this movement was shaped in a country with an authoritarian Islamist regime, how it grew, and what its achievements are, including its failures and setbacks. The project will appeal to scholars and students in the fields of Middle Eastern politics and sociology, Iranian politics, democracy, and the US-Iran relations.

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