Ethiopian Yearbook of International Law 2017
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Ethiopian Yearbook of International Law 2017

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Zeray Yihdego
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Part I - Editorial: Towards Resolving our Development, Integration and Security Challenges through International Law by Zeray Yihdego, Melaku Geboye Desta, Fikremarkos Merso, Martha Belete Hailu.- Part II - Articles: The Law and Policy of Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection in Ethiopia: An Appraisal of Theories, Practices and Challenges by Martha Belete Hailu and Zeray Yihdego.- Comparative Perspective On Exhaustible Resource Development In Ethiopia: Lessons From The Norwegian Legal Framework And Experience by Tina Hunter.- The GERD and the Revival of the Egyptian-Sudanese Dispute Over the Nile Waters by Salman M. A. Salman.- The Challenge of Overlapping Regional Economic Communities in Africa: Lessons for the Continental Free Trade Area from the Failures of the Tripartite Free Trade Area by Melaku Geboye Desta and Guillaume Gérout.- Like Fish in a Stream? Considering the Agency of the UN Peacekeepers of the Global South: Rwanda and India as case studies by Philip Roberts.- Part III - Current Development: The Kenya/Somalia Maritime Boundary Delimitation Dispute by Fayokemi Olorundami.- The ICC and Africa: Should the latter Remain Engaged? by Makane Moïse Mbengue and Kirsten McClellan.- Part IV - Case Report: Case Note on PetroTrans Company Ltd. v. Ministry of Mines of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia by Thomas R. Snider and Jackson Shaw Kern.- Part V - Book Review: The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the Nile Basin - Implications for Transboundary Water Cooperation (Earthscan, 2018) by Zeray Yihdego, Alistair Rieu-Clarke and Ana Elisa Cascão.- The Culture of International Arbitration (OUP, 2017) by Elise Ruggeri Abonnat and Makane Moïse Mbengue.- Part VI - UN Document with Commentary: UN Security Council Resolution 2378 (2017) and the Progressive Peacekeeping Agenda: A Commentary by Christian Henderson.
The second volume of EtYIL brings together a number of articles and other contributions that, collectively, take EtYIL's original mission of helping rebalance the narrative of international law another step forward. Like the first volume, this book presents scholarly contributions on cutting-edge issues of international law that are of particular interest to Ethiopia and its sub-region, as well as Africa and developing countries more generally. The major issues tackled include the interplay between national and international in the promotion and regulation of foreign direct investment in Ethiopia; the regulatory framework for the exploitation and development of petroleum resources and relevant arbitral jurisprudence in the field; the role of international law in ensuring the equitable sharing of transboundary resources, such as the waters of the River Nile, or in the delimitation of the continental shelf in the region; the efforts to establish the Continental Free Trade Area in Africa and the lessons that can be learnt from prior experiments; Africa's policy towards the International Criminal Court and the feasibility of alternative means of serving justice in the case of grave crimes; and the UN's peace-keeping operations in their North-South context. The issues addressed in the various contributions are mostly at the heart of live political, diplomatic and judicial activities today, and as such promise to shape the future of international law in the region and beyond. This volume not only takes a significant step further towards EtYIL's mission, but also enriches it with fresh insights from perspectives that are not common in international law scholarship to this day.

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