New Migration Patterns in the Americas

Challenges for the 21st Century
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Andreas E. Feldmann
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Produces an accurate description of contemporary population movements in the Americas based on empirical in-depth studies that underscore continuities and changes
1: Introduction: New Mobility Patterns in the Americas Andreas E. Feldmann, Xóchitl Bada, and Stephanie Schütze

Contemporary Forms of Violence and Migration

2: The Interplay of Organized Violence and Forced Migration: A Transnational Perspective Ludger Pries

3: How Insecurity Is Transforming Migration Patterns in the North American Corridor: Lessons From Michoacán Xóchitl Bada and Andreas E. Feldmann
4: The Discourse of "Transit Migration" in Mexico and Its "Blind Spot": Changing Realities and New Vocabularies Tanya Basok

Political and Legal Responses to Changing Migration Patterns

5: Open-Door Policy? Reintegration Challenges and Government Responses to Return Migration in Mexico Mónica Jacobo and Nuty Cárdenas Alaminos

6: Carving Out Protection and Redress for Migrants in the Americas Through the Judiciary: The Role of the High Courts Helena M. Olea Rodríguez

Lifestyle and High-Skilled North-South Migration

7: Lifestyle Migration and the Marketization of Countries in Latin America Amalia Pallares and Luisa Rollins-Castillo

8: Beyond the Expat Bubble: Migration and Labor Incorporation of Spanish Skilled Immigrants in Mexico Cristóbal Mendoza

Transatlantic and Transpacific Spaces of Migration

9: Economic Crisis and Migrants' In-Between: Trajectories of Legal Status, Work and (In)formality from Colombian and Ecuadorian Born Migrants in Spain Manuel Assner

10: New patterns of Chinese Migration to the Americas: Mexico City and Lima Ximena Alba and Felipe Rubio

New Patterns of South-South Intraregional Migration

11: From Immigration to Transit Migration? Race and Gender Entanglements in New Migration to Ecuador Gioconda Herrera

12: New Spaces of Belonging: Soccer Teams of Bolivian Migrants in São Paulo, Brazil Julia Haß and Stephanie Schütze

13: Conclusion
Andreas E. Feldmann, Xóchitl Bada, and Stephanie Schütze
This volume investigates new migration patterns in the Americas addressing continuities and changes in existing population movements in the region. The book explores migration conditions and intersections across time and space relying on a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach that brings together the expertise of transnational scholars with diverse theoretical orientations, strengths, and methodological approaches. Some of the themes this edited volume explores include main features of contemporary migration in the Americas; causes, composition, and patterns of new migration flows; and state policies enacted to meet the challenges posed by new developments in migration flows.