Determinants of Economic Growth in Africa

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Almas Heshmati
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Presents an up to date picture of the state and patterns of growth and development in Africa
Chapter 1. Almas Heshmati, "Introduction to Determinants of Economic Growth in Africa and summary of the contributions".

Part One. Financing Growth

Chapter 2. Yemane Michael, "The FDI and Economic Growth Controversy in sub-Saharan Africa".

Chapter 3. Alemayehu Geda and Addis Yimer, "Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to Africa".

Chapter 4. Biratu Bekere and Mekonnen Bersisa, "Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Eastern Africa".

Chapter 5. Gutu Gutema, "The Role of Remittance, Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Aid on Economic Growth of Low and Middle Income African Countries".

Chapter 6. Kahsay Berhane, "The Role of Financial Development and Institutional Quality on Economic Growth in Africa in the Era of Globalization".

Part Two. Sources of Productivity Growth

Chapter 7. Yemane Michael, "The Determinants of the Level and Growth of TFP in SSA".

Chapter 8. Jonse Bane, "Human Capital and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: Evidences from Low and Middle Income African Countries".

Chapter 9. Almas Heshmati and Masoomeh Rashidghalam, "Labour Productivity in Kenyan Manufacturing and Service Industries".

Part Three. Macroeconomic Determinants of Growth

Chapter 10. Fentahun Baylie, "Inferences on the Relationship between Economic Growth and the Real Exchange Rate: a Meta-Analysis".

Chapter 11. Ferdinand Nkikabahizi, Theogene Rizinde and Mathias Karangwa, "Balance of Trade - Economic growth nexus in Panel of East Africa Community countries".

Chapter 12. Jean-Baptiste Habyarimana and Tharcisse Nkunzimana, "Modeling the Effect of Food Price Volatility and Transmission on Market Efficiency and Welfare in East African Community".
This volume is a collection of selected empirical studies on determinants of economic growth in Africa. Grouped into three parts, chapters examine the influence of financial sources and economic growth; sources of productivity growth; and prices, exchange rates and trade relationships with growth in regions in Africa or the continent as a whole.This edited book is authored by African experts in the field who employ diverse up-to-date data and methods to provide robust empirical results based on representative firms, household surveys and secondary country level data covering individuals or multiple countries on the continent. It contains a wealth of empirical evidence, deep analyses and sound recommendations for policymakers and researchers for designing and implementing effective social and national policies and strategies to prevent and to reduce poverty and its negative effects on poor households and in poor regions.
The volume will be a useful resource for policymakers and researchers involved in promoting economic growth and fighting poverty. It will also appeal to a broader audience interested in economic development, resource economics, policies, economic welfare and inclusive growth.