Lake Victoria Fisheries Resources

Research and Management in Tanzania
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Yunus D. Mgaya
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Monographiae Biologicae

Broadens the understanding of historical trends in fisheries research and management in Lake Victoria
1. Introduction.- 2. Historical Perspectives and Trends in Fisheries Research in Tanzania.- 3. Environmental Changes in the Tanzanian part of Lake Victoria.- 4. Fish biology and life history indicators.- 5. Biodiversity Indicators: Plankton and Macroinvertebrates in Lake Victoria, Selected Satellite Lakes and Rivers.- 6. Stock assessment of commercial fish species of Lake Victoria.- 7. Aquaculture and fisheries extension.- 8. Socio-economic Characteristics of the Lake Victoria Fisheries.- 9. Historical Trends in Fisheries Management.- 10. Financing Mechanisms for Lake Victoria Fisheries Management.- 11. Co-Management of Lake Victoria Fisheries.- 12. Fisheries Statistics for Lake Victoria, Tanzania.- 13. Fish Quality Assurance.- 14. Overall Conclusions and Recommendations.
This book synthesises the historical trends of the lake fisheries, the lake ecology, biology and biodiversity, socio-economics, stock assessment, aquaculture, fish quality assurance, environmental quality and management of the fisheries resources.
The evolution of fisheries in Lake Victoria has undergone dramatic changes over the last few decades, leading to both ecological and socio-economic consequences. The lake has changed from one dominated by haplochromines in the 1950s, to one currently dominated by Nile perch, 'dagaa' (Rastrineobola argentea) and Nile tilapia.

These changes have mainly been driven by the introduction of the predatory Nile perch in the lake, eutrophication due to increased human activities in the catchment, increased human population growth, overfishing and changes in the global climate system.

This work should therefore be a particularly useful reference to fisheries scientists and managers, potential investors, students and other professionals who may be interested in the Lake Victoria fisheries.

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