Combatting Climate Change in the Pacific

The Role of Regional Organisations
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Marc Williams
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Traces the emergence of climate change narratives and how they have been contextualised in the Pacific region and established hegemony in political arenas
1. Introduction: The Politics of Climate Change in the Pacific.- 2. Organizing a Regional Response to Climate Change in the Pacific.- 3. Constructing Climate Change in the Pacific.- 4. Constructing Climate Security in the Pacific.- 5. Organizing Climate Finance in the Pacific.- 6. Conclusion: The Future of Climate Politics in the Pacific.
This book analyses the regional complexes of climate security in the Pacific. Pacific Island States and Territories (PICTs) have long been cast as the frontline of climate change and placed within the grand architecture of global climate governance. The region provides compelling new insights into the ways climate change is constructed, governed, and shaped by (and in turn shapes), regional and global climate politics.

By focusing on climate security as it is constructed in the Pacific and how this concept mobilises resources and shapes the implementation of climate finance, the book provides an up-to-date account of the way regional organizations in the Pacific have contributed to the search for solutions to the problem of climate insecurity .
In the context of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris in 2015, the focus of this book on regional governance offers a concise and innovative account of climate politics in the prevailing global context and one with implications for the study of climate security in other regions, particularly in the developing world.

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