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Lifelong Learning and Education in Healthy and Sustainable Cities

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U. M. Azeiteiro
World Sustainability Series
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Coping with Climate Change Effects on Urban Infrastructure - Problem Structuring Based on Value-Focused Thinking Methodology.- Participatory GIS for Urban Sustainability and Resilience.- The Regional Development Councils of Rio Grande do Sul as a Model of Participated Regional Management. Comparative Case Study.- Participation in Urban Planning.- The Urban Planning Guided by Indicators and Best Practices- Three Case Studies in the South of Brazil.- Nature, People and Place- Informing the Design of Urban Environments in Harmony with Nature through the Space - Nature Syntax.- Public Policies to Live Well in Harmony Nature.- Health and the Urban- Multiple Threads Interconnecting Health in the City.- Making Rural and Urban Connections by Integrating Nutrition and Agriculture- A Case Study of Food and Nutrition Security Instruments in Brazil.- Health and Sustainability- Reinforcing Public and Private Engagement through Tertiary Institutions.
This book presents essential insights into lifelong learning and education in healthy and sustainable cities, providing a basis for strategies to help achieve the 2030 Agenda sustainable development and health promotion goals. The interface between environment, health and lifelong learning is fundamental to attaining these goals, and as such, the book gathers interdisciplinary reflections from researchers, educators and other experts concerning the links between environmental quality, human health, human education and well-being, and addressing inequality, unplanned urbanization, migration, lifestyles, and consumption and production patterns. Topics include: Urban planning to address inequality in health and urban poverty; Healthy cities and healthy environments; Governance for sustainable development; Social determinants of health oriented on sustainable development goals; Education and lifelong learning for sustainability; Energy security, access and efficiency; Sustainable cities, buildings and infrastructure.

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