Information Technologies and Mathematical Modelling. Queueing Theory and Applications

16th International Conference, ITMM 2017, Named After A.F. Terpugov, Kazan, Russia, September 29 - October 3, 2017, Proceedings
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Alexander Dudin
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800, Communications in Computer and Information Science

On a BMAP=G=1 Retrial System with Two Types of Search of Customers from the Orbit.- Reliability Analysis of a Two-Server Heterogeneous Unreliable Queueing System with a Threshold Control Policy.- Heavy Outgoing Call Asymptotics for MMPP=M=1=1 Retrial Queue with Two-Way Communication.- Two-Server Queueing System with Unreliable Servers and Markovian Arrival Process.- On the Total Customers' Capacity in Multi-Server Queues.- On the Problems of Queues in Mixed Type Queuing Systems with Random Quantity of Sources and Size-Limited Queues.- Analysis of Perishable Queueing-Inventory System with Positive Service Time and (S - 1, S) Replenishment Policy.- Comparative Analysis of Methods of Residual and Elapsed Service Time in the Study of the Closed Retrial Queuing System M/GI/1//N with Collision of the Customers and Unreliable Server.- The Renewal-based Asymptotics and Accelerated Estimation of a System with Random Volume Customers.- Research of Heterogeneous Queueing System SMjM(n)j1.- On Steady-State Analysis of [MjMjmjm + n]-Type Retrial Queueing Systems.- Analysis of Queueing Tandem with Feedback by the Method of Limiting Decomposition.- Combination of Queueing Systems of Different Types with Common Buffer: A Theoretical Treatment.- Minimization of Packet Loss Probability in Network with Fractal.- Optimization of Pipelining and Data Processing.- Performance Simulation of Non-Reliable Servers in Finite-Source Cognitive Radio Networks with Collision.- Research of Mathematical Model of Insurance Company in the Form of Queueing System in a Random Environment.- State Reduction in Analysis of a Tandem Queueing System with Correlated Arrivals.- Analyzing of Licensed Shared Access Scheme Model with Service Bit Rate Degradation in 3GPP Network.- Two-way Communication M/M/1/1 Queue with Server-Orbit Interaction and Feedback of Outgoing Retrial Calls.- The Comparison of Structured Modeling and Simulation Modeling of Queueing Systems.- A Sweep Method for Calculating Multichannel Queueing Systems.- Modeling End-to-End Business Processes of a Telecom Company with a BCMP Queueing Network.- The Multi-product Newsboy Problem with Price-depended Demand and Fast Moving Items.- Two-sided Truncations for a Class of Continuous-time Markov Chains.- Construction of the Stability Indicator of Wireless D2D Connection in a Case of Fractal RandomWalk of Devices.- Algorithm of Balance Equations Decomposition and Investigation of Poisson Flows in Jackson Networks.- Retrial Queue M/G/1 with Impatient Calls under Heavy Load Condition.- Analysis of the queueing system with resources and signals.- Inventory Management System with On/O_ Control of Input Product Flow.- Semi-Analytical Methods for Complex Optimization of Non-Markov Queueing Networks.
This book constitutes the proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Information Technologies and Mathematical Modelling, ITMM 2017, held in Kazan, Russia, in September/October 2017.The 31 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 85 submissions. The conference covers various aspects of mathematical modeling and information technologies, focusing on probabilistic methods and models, queueing theory and communication networks.

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