Population Health Management for Poly Chronic Conditions

Evidence-Based Approach
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Thomas T. H. Wan
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Focuses on the benefits and challenges of population health management for poly chronic conditions
Highlights strategic directions suggested by empirical evidence and expert opinions on innovative care management solutions
Adopts a global perspective to reflect how population health management can be accomplished through collaborative research on poly conditions with experts in developed countries worldwide
Part 1. Exploring Trends and Strategies in Population Health Management
Chapter 1. From Population Health to Population Health Management

Chapter 2. Cost Containment Strategies in Population Health Management

Chapter 3. Integration of Principles of Population Health Management
A Transdisciplinary Approach to Health Care Informatics Practice and Research: Implications for Elder Care with Poly Chronic Conditions

Part 2. Identifying Evidence-Based Approaches to Chronic Conditions

Chapter 5. Chronic Disease Epidemiology: Preventive Aspects of Chronic Conditions

Chapter 6. Strategies to Modify the Risk of Heart Failure R
eadmission: A Systematic Review and Meta Analysis

Chapter 7. Conte
xtual, Organizational, and Ecological Factors Influencing the

Variations in Heart Failure Hospitalization

Part 3. Implementing and Optimizing the Use of Health Information Technology in Population Health Management Practice and Research


Chapter 8. Health Informatics Research and Innovations in Chronic Care Management: An Experimental Prospectus for Adopting Personal Health Records

Chapter 9. Design of Integrated Care and Expanding Health Insurance for the


Underserved and Medically Indigent Population

Chapter 10. Reduction of Readmissions of Patients with Chronic Conditions: A Clinical Decision Support System Designed for Care Management Interventions
This book is dedicated to population health management and how it can be used to improve the health care and outcomes for patients with poly chronic conditions. The book uses an integrated approach guided by a transdisciplinary orientation that incorporates both a macro and a micro-theoretical framework for promoting population health management. Thus, policy decision makers can prioritize how limited resources can be used to optimize health service needs of the chronically ill and disabled in the nation as well as in the globe. The book also identifies appropriate applications of health information technology that can facilitate interoperability, data sharing and effective communication to ensure that applicable knowledge is derived from the available information. Multiple implications of population health management for poly chronic conditions suggest that concerted efforts in promoting preventive strategies can yield numerous benefits. Continuous improvement efforts through impact evaluation and a commitment to the adoption of the health information technology resources needed are also critical aspects of this process. Patients with poly chronic conditions have complex needs and are often high-utilizers of health services. Great potential exists to improve the health and health care of these individuals through improved coordination integrating multiple domains of the population health management approach. Population Health Management is needed now more than ever due to the current challenges facing the health care system that were not present in previous decades. This book points out strategic directions suggested by empirical evidence and experts' opinions on innovative care management solutions observed in many advanced countries.

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