Pediatric Elbow Fractures

A Clinical Guide to Management
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Joshua M. Abzug
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A unique text that focuses entirely on the treatment of pediatric elbow fractures, both acute and chronic
Part I: Anatomy, Examination and Imaging.- Anatomy and development.- Physical examination of acute and chronic injuries.- Imaging the child's elbow.- Part II: Acute Injuries.- Supracondylar fractures.- Transphyseal separations.- Lateral condyle fractures.- Medial epicondyle fractures.- T-intercondylar fractures.- Capitellar shear fractures.- Osteochondral fractures.- Radial neck and head fractures.- Olecranon fractures.- Elbow dislocations.- Monteggia fracture dislocations.- Part III: Chronic Issues.- Monteggia fracture dislocation.- Cubitus varus.- Cubitus valgus.- Elbow stiffness.
This unique text focuses entirely on the treatment of pediatric elbow fractures, which encompass the vast majority of operative cases for pediatric fracture care, and which can be challenging to even the most experienced surgeon. The book opens with a survey of the basic anatomy and development of the elbow, as well as examination and imaging techniques. Both acute and chronic fractures are then discussed in detail, beginning with a brief outline of the epidemiology, classification, and work-up of each fracture, but the main focus will be on providing a master's approach to the surgical treatment of these injuries, including supracondylar fractures, capitellar shear fractures, elbow dislocations, Monteggia fracture dislocations, and cubitus varus and valgus, among others. Numerous photographs, figures and videos will enable the orthopedic surgeon, hand surgeon, and trauma surgeon to be fully prepared to treat any of these fractures.

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