A Surgical Guide
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Terence Farias
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A comprehensive book exclusively devoted for Tracheostomy
1. History of tracheostomy.- 2. Trachea anatomy.- 3. Mechanical ventilation and tracheostomy.- 4. Tracheostomy tube types.- 5. Conventional surgical technique.- 6. Percutaneous surgical technique.- 7. Conventional or percutaneous tracheostomy?.- 8. Tracheostomy in child.- 9. Tracheostomy in obese patients.- 10. Oncological tracheostomy.- 11. Mediastinal tracheostomy.- 12. Trans-tumor tracheostomy.- 13. Tracheostomy and radiotherapy.- 14. Tracheostomy in ortognatic facial and facial trauma surgery. Is there a place?.- 15. Bronchoscopy before and after tracheostomy.- 16. Indications of tracheostomy in the ICU. When and why?.- 17. Where is the best place to make the tracheostomy?.- 18. When and how to remove the tracheostomy tube?.- 19. Complications of tracheostomy.- 20. Trachea stenosis.- 21. Identifying a risk patient for trachea stenosis.- 22. Cricothyrotomy.- 23. Difficult intubation - How to avoid the tracheostomy?.- 24. How is the best way to take care of a patient with a tracheostomy tube?.- 25. Rehabilitation after tracheostomy.
Despite often taken as a simple procedure, techniques on tracheostomy have evolved considerably on the last few years. Consequently, new technical variations and indications for different purposes are being developed and proposed. The current book is proposed to serve as a comprehensive guide exclusively devoted to tracheostomy, discussing its most important details, variations and indications. Here the reader will find a broad discussion ranging from the most basic pre-clinical aspects to post-surgical procedures and complications. Great emphasis is placed on key topics such as the oncologic patient, variations of the technique, and tracheostomy in the intensive care unit, among others. Additionally, some issues that are not commonly discussed in regular textbooks, like tracheostomy in child and in great obese, are also included. With a wealth of photos, illustrations and tables, Tracheostomy - A Su rgical Guide provides the material necessary to support a safe and effective surgical intervention in different populations and surgical contexts, with the hope that it will result in improved care for patients who underwent tracheostomy.

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