African Democratic Citizenship Education Revisited

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Yusef Waghid
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Focuses on the plausibility and possibility of democratic citizenship on the African continent
Chapter 1. On the Relevance of a Theory of Democratic Citizenship Education for Africa; Yusef Waghid.- Chapter 2. Democracy, Citizenship and Religion in Egypt: On the Necessity of Disrupting a post-Arab Spring; Nuraan Davids.- Chapter 3. Rethinking Democratic Citizenship Education in Africa: Towards Moderate Deliberation (Malawi and Namibia); Joseph Jinja Divala & Rachel Shanyanana.- Chapter 4. Afrophobia in the South African Higher Education System: A Threat to Internationalisation and Global Citizenship Initiatives; Joseph Pardon Hungwe & Joseph Jinja Divala.- Chapter 5. Nationalism and/or the Annihilation of Democratic Citizenship Education: A Critical Analysis of Zimbabwe's Citizenship Education Initiatives; Agrippa Chingombe & Joseph Jinja Divala.- Chapter 6. On the (Im)Possibility of Democratic Citizenship Education in Kenya: Spheres of Change; Jane Chiroma.- Chapter 7. (Re)Examining the Role of Technology in Education through a Deliberative Decision-Making Approach: In the Quest towards Democratic Education in South African Schools; Zayd Waghid & Faiq Waghid.- Chapter 8. The Politics of Schooling: Imagining Critical Democratic Citizenship Education in the Age of Neoliberalism (SA); Tracey Isaacs.- Chapter 9. Democratic Citizenship Education in Nigeria; Ruth Ayoola & Nuraan Davids.- Chapter 10. Democratic Citizenship Education Revisited in Zimbabwean Higher Education; Monica Zembere.- Chapter 11. Coda: Democratic Citizenship Education and Openness: On an Education of 'Bare Life'; Nuraan Davids & Yusef Waghid.
This edited collection explores how democratic citizenship education manifests across the African continent. A recognition of rights and responsibilities coupled with an emphasis on deliberative engagement among citizens, while not uniquely African, provides ample evidence that the concept can most appropriately be realised in relation to its connectedness with experiences of people living on the continent. Focussing on a diverse collection of voices, the editors and authors examine countries that have an overwhelming allegiance to democratic citizenship education. In doing so, they acknowledge that this concept, enveloped by a certain Africanness, has the potential to manifest in practices across the African continent. By highlighting the success of democratic citizenship education, the diverse and varied contributions from across this vast continent address the malaise in its implementation in countries where autocratic rule prevails. This pioneering volume will be an invaluable resource for researchers and students working in the fields of education and sociology, particularly those with an interest in education policy, philosophy of education and global citizenship initiatives.

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