Co-Designing Economies in Transition

Radical Approaches in Dialogue with Contemplative Social Sciences
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Vincenzo Mario Bruno Giorgino
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Explores the foundations for contemporary social and economic transformation
Debates the impact of digital technologies on collective awareness, networks and democracy
Highlights the benefits of contemplative economics in decision-making
Chapter 1. Introduction.-

Vincenzo Mario Bruno Giorgino and Zachary Walsh

Part 1. Transdisciplinary Foundations for Contemporary Social and Economic Transformation.-

Chapter 2. In Search of a New Compass in the Great Transition: Towards Co-Designing the Urban Space We Care About.-

Vincenzo Mario Bruno Giorgino

Chapter 3. Navigating the Great Transition via Postcapitalism and Contemplative Social Sciences.-

Zachary Walsh

Chapter 4. Having, Being, and the Commons.-

Ugo Mattei

Chapter 5. Par Cum Pari : The Value System of Commons-Based Peer Production and the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church.-

Michel Bauwens

Chapter 6. Economics Beyond the Self.-

Laszlo Zsolnai

Chapter 7. The Koan of the Market.-

Julie A. Nelson

Chapter 8. Epistemology of Feminist Economics.-

Zofia Lapniewska

Chapter 9. How to Make What Really Matters Count in Economic Decision-Making: Care, Domestic Violence, Gender Responsive Budgeting, Macroeconomic Policies and Human Rights.-

Margunn Bjørnholt

Chapter 10. Contemplative Economy and Contemplative Economics: Definitions, Branches and Methodologies.-

Xabier Renteria-Uriarte

Part 2. Collective Awareness, the Self, and Digital Technologies.
Chapter 11. From Smart Cities to Experimental Cities?.-

Igor Calzada

Chapter 12. First Life: From Maps to Social Networks and Back.-

Alessio Antonini, Guido Boella, Alessia Calafiore and Vincenzo Giorgino

Chapter 13. The Organic Internet: Building Communications Networks from the Grassroots.-

Panayotis Antoniadis

Chapter 14. Technocratic Automation and Contemplative Overlays in Artificially Intelligent Criminal Sentencing.-

Philip Butler

Chapter 15. One Bright Byte: D gen and the Re-Embodiment of Digital Technologies.-

David Casacuberta
This transdisciplinary volume puts forward proposals for wiser, socially just and sustainable socio-economic systems in transition. There is growing support for the view that the end of capitalism is around the corner, but on which conceptual and ethical basis can we interpret these times? With investigations into feminist economics, post-growth environmentalism, socio-technical digital design, collaborative and commons economics, the editors create a dialogue between radical knowledge/practices and contemplative social sciences to transgress disciplinary boundaries and implement new visions of reality. This important book challenges our ways of thinking and outlines a pathway for new research.
Chapter 13 of this book is available open access under a CC BY 4.0 license at link.springer.com

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