Civil War and Uncivil Development

Economic Globalisation and Political Violence in Colombia and Beyond
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David Maher
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Rethinking Political Violence

Suggests a set of causal mechanisms that can result in economic growth in civil wars and types of mechanisms that ultimately lead to economic decline
Chapter 1: Civil War, Development and Economic Globalisation
Chapter 2: Civil War as Development in Reverse or a Case of Historical Amnesia.
Chapter 3: Colombia: Globalisation, Economic Growth and Civil War.
Chapter 4: The Fatal Attraction of Civil War: Violence and the Oil Sector in Arauca.
Chapter 5: Rooted in Violence: The Expansion of Palm Oil in Meta.
Chapter 6: Conflict, Development and the Fluidity of Violence: Colombia and Beyond.
Chapter 7: Conclusion.
This book challenges the conventional wisdom that civil war inevitably stymies economic development and that 'civil war represents development in reverse'. While some civil wars may have adverse economic effects, Civil War and Uncivil Development posits that not all conflicts have negative economic consequences and, under certain conditions, civil war violence can bolster processes of economic development. Using Colombia as a case study, this book provides evidence that violence perpetrated by key actors of the conflict - the public armed forces and paramilitaries - has facilitated economic growth and processes of economic globalisation in Colombia (namely, international trade and foreign direct investment), with profoundly negative consequences for large swathes of civilians. The analysis also discusses the 'development in reverse' logic in the context of other conflicts across the globe.This book will be an invaluable resource for scholars, practitioners and students in the fields of security and development, civil war studies, peace studies, the political economy of conflict and international relations.

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