Animals, Race, and Multiculturalism

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Luís Cordeiro-Rodrigues
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The Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series

Includes authors writing from both a Western and non-Western perspective, providing varied viewpoints on this controversial topic
1.Introduction; Luis Cordeiro-Rodrigues and Les Mitchell.- 2. Group Privilege and Political Division; Tony Milligan.- 3. Political Liberalism, Human Cultures;Angie Pepper.- 4.Is Multiculturalism Good for Animals?; Maneesha Deckha.- 5. Legal Protection for Whales; Rachel Nussbaum Wichert and Martha C. Nussbaum.- 6. Animals and the challenges of ethnocentrism; Kai Horsthemke.- 7.Racism, speciesism, and suffering; Abraham Olivier and Luis Cordeiro-Rodrigues.- 8.Animals off the menu; Michael Glover.- 9. Do political parties instrumentalise animal rights?; Herman Lelieveldt.- 10. Kaporos; Lisa Kemmerer.- 11. Islam and Animal Ethics in the Postdomestic Context; Magfirah Dahlan.- 12.Duties toward Animals versus Rights to Culture; Thaddeus Metz.- 13. Afterword; Will Kymlicka.- Index.
This book focuses on multiculturalism, racism and the interests of nonhuman animals. Each are, in their own right, rapidly growing and controversial fields of enquiry, but how do multiculturalism and racism intersect with the debate concerning animals and their interests? This a deceptively simple question but on that is becoming ever more pressing as we examine our societal practices in a pluralistic world. Collating the work of a diverse group of academics from across the world, the book includes writing on a wide range of subjects and addressing contemporary issues in this critical arena. Subjects covered include multiculturalism, group rights and the limits of tolerance; ethnocentrism and animals; racism and discrimination and non-Western alternatives to animal rights and welfare. The book will be of interest to researchers, lecturers and advanced students as well as range of social justice organisations, government institutions, animal activist organisations and environmental groups.

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