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Network Security Metrics

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Lingyu Wang
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1 Measuring the Overall Network Security by Combining CVSS Scores Based on Attack Graphs and Bayesian Networks.- 2 Refining CVSS-based network security metrics by examining the base scores.- 3 Security Risk Analysis of Enterprise Networks Using Probabilistic Attack Graphs.- 4 k-Zero day safety: Evaluating the resilience of networks against unknown attacks.- 5 Using Bayesian Networks to Fuse Intrusion Evidences and Detect Zero-day Attack Paths.- 6 Evaluating the network diversity of networks against zero-day attacks.- 7 Metrics suite for network attack graph analytics.- 8 A Novel Metric for Measuring Operational Effectiveness of a Cybersecurity Operations Center.
The authors start by examining the limitations of existing solutions and standards on security metrics, such as CVSS and attack surface, which typically focus on known vulnerabilities in individual software products or systems. The first few chapters of this book describe different approaches to fusing individual metric values obtained from CVSS scores into an overall measure of network security using attack graphs. Since CVSS scores are only available for previously known vulnerabilities, such approaches do not consider the threat of unknown attacks exploiting the so-called zero day vulnerabilities. Therefore, several chapters of this book are dedicated to develop network security metrics especially designed for dealing with zero day attacks where the challenge is that little or no prior knowledge is available about the exploited vulnerabilities, and thus most existing methodologies for designing security metrics are no longer effective.

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