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Traitors, Collaborators and Deserters in Contemporary European Politics of Memory

Formulas of Betrayal
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Gelinada Grinchenko
Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies
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1. Introduction; Eleonora Narvselius and Gelinada Grinchenko.- I. Military formations and combatants in "formulas of betrayal".- 2. Monuments for deserters!? The changing image of Wehrmacht deserters in Germany and their gradual entry into Germany's memory culture; Marco DRÄGER.- 3. From Traitors to Role Models: Rehabilitation and Memorialization of Wehrmacht Deserters in Austria; Peter PIRKER and Johannes KRAMER.- 4. Reinventing Collaboration: The Vlasov Movement in the Postwar Russian Emigration; Benjamin TROMLY.- II. Intellectuals elites as betrayers, the betrayed and masterminds behind "formulas of betrayal".- 5. Taking an Intellectual Stance between Communist Resistance and Fascist Collaboration: Jean Paulhan and the Épuration Process in France at the end of WWII; Caroline PERRET.- 6. Intellectuals in Times of Troubles: Between Empowerment and Disenchantment during the Orange Revolution and Euromaidan; Yuliya YURCHUK and Alla MARCHENKO.- 7. Discussing wartime collaboration in a transnational digital space: Framing of the UPA and Latvian Legion on Wikipedia; MartinS KAPRANS  and Mykola MAKHORTYKH.- 8. In the Ninth Circle: Intellectuals as Traitors in the Russo-Ukrainian War; Tanya ZAHARCHENKO.- III. Collaboration in the conditions of WWII: crime, punishment, memory.- 9. Collaboration and the Genocide of Roma in Poland; Slawomir KAPRALSKI.- 10. The Soviet punishment of an all-European crime, "horizontal collaboration"; Vanessa VOISIN.- 11. "Organized bestial gangs"- The Second World War and Images of Betrayal in Yugoslav Socialist Cinema; Tea SINDBÆK ANDERSEN.- 12. Collaboration and Collaborators in Ukraine during the Second World War: Between Myth and Memory; Mykola BOROVYK.- IV. "Formulas of betrayal" as a political ascription and public response.- 13. "...And upon my silken braids a German's iron boot will trample...": Creating images of female Soviet Ostarbeiter as a betrayer and the betrayed; Gelinada GRINCHENKO and Eleonora NARVSELIUS.- 14. Betrayal of memory in Hungarian public memorials of the 20th century; Melinda HARLOV.- 15. Betrayal and Public Memory: 'Myroslav Irchan Affair' in Diaspora-Homeland Disjuncture; Natalia KHANENKO FRIESEN.- 16. Post-war and post-communist Poland and European knightly myths of loyalty and betrayal: Pasikowski's acquis mythologique communautaire; Piotr TOCZYSKI.
This volume offers a multidisciplinary approach to shaping and imposition of "formulas for betrayal" as a result of changing memory politics in post-war Europe. The contributors, who specialize in history, sociology, anthropology, memory studies, media studies and cultural studies, discuss the exertion of political control over memory (including the selection, imposition, silencing or ideological "twisting" of facts), the usage of "formulas for betrayal" in various cultural-political contexts, and the discursive framing of the betraying subject for the purpose of legitimizing various memory regimes and ideologies.

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