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Inflammation, Aging and Cancer

Biological Injustices to Molecular Village of Immunity that Guard Health
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Mahin Khatami
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Preface.- Introduction to Interrelated Biology of Age-Associated Chronic Diseases and Cancer: Chronic Inflammation, a Common Denominator in Morbidity and Mortality.- Immune Surveillance in Health and Diseases of Aging: Definitions of Acute and Chronic Inflammation Yin and Yang of Immunity.- Theories of Aging and Chronic Disease: Chronic Inflammation: 'Roadmap' to Chronic Illnesses.- Accidental Discoveries: Systematic Studies and Evidence for a Direct Link between Immune Disruptors and Progressive Changes in Immunity and Tumorigenesis in Models of Allergies.- Cancer Statistics and Risk Factors: Vaccines Safety and Increased Cancer Incidence Future Accurate Risk Assessment Formulation.- Cancer Biology: Severe Cumulative Delayed Type Hypersensitivity Reactions? All Diseases Pass through Allergies and Histamine a Blue Print!- Keywords.
This book was prepared as extension of author's accidental discoveries on experimental models of acute and chronic ocular inflammatory diseases that were established at the University of Pennsylvania in 1980's.  Analyses of original data suggest a series of first evidence for direct link between inflammation and developmental phases of immune dysfunction in multistep tumorigenesis and angiogenesis.  The only evidence presented on initial events for interactions and synergies between activated host and recruiting cells toward tumorigenesis.  Effective immunity was defined as balance between two highly regulated and biologically opposing arms, Yin and Yang of acute inflammation, an amazingly precise signal communications between immune and non-immune systems requiring differential bioenergetics.   Unresolved inflammation is a common denominator mapping aging process and induction of 'mild', 'moderate' or 'severe' immune disorders including cancers.

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