Information Technology Governance in Public Organizations
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Information Technology Governance in Public Organizations

Theory and Practice
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Lazar Rusu
Integrated Series in Information Systems
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Chapter 1. Discussing and Conceiving an Information and Technology Governance Model in Public Organizations.- Chapter 2. IT Alignment in Public Organizations: A Systematic Literature Review.- Chapter 3. A Perspective on the Roles of Middle Managers in Aligning Strategy and Information Technology in Public Service Organizations.- Chapter 4. Governing is in the Details.- Chapter 5. Towards Decentralized IT Governance in the Public Sector: A Capability-oriented Approach.- Chapter 6. IT Governance and its Implementation Based on a Detailed Framework of IT Governance (dFogIT) in Public Enterprises.- Chapter 7. Business and IT Architecture for the Public Sector: Problems, IT Systems Alternatives and Selection Guidelines.- Chapter 8. Problems of Enterprise Architecture Adoption in the Public Sector: Root Causes and Some Solutions.- Chapter 9. IT Governance in E-Government Implementations in the Caribbean: Key Characteristics and Mechanisms.- Chapter 10. IT Organization Structure Relationship with IT Governance Performance: Case of a Public Organization.- Chapter 11. Ambidextrous IT Governance in the Public Sector: A Revelatory Case Study of the Swedish Tax Authorities.- Chapter 12. Conflicting Institutional Logics in Healthcare Organisations: Implications for IT Governance.
This book examines trends and challenges in research on IT governance in public organizations, reporting innovative research and new insights in the theories, models and practices within the area. As we noticed, IT governance plays an important role in generating value from organization's IT investments. However there are different challenges for researchers in studying IT governance in public organizations due to the differences between political, administrative, and practices in these organizations.

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