Growing up Working Class

Hidden Injuries and the Development of Angry White Men and Women
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Thomas J. Gorman
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Presents a rich, engaging, and vulnerable personal narrative from an author who grew up in the milieu he seeks to investigate
1. Introduction 2. Where Does the Concrete End?: The Local Context of the Hidden Injuries of Class 3. Education: The Hidden Injuries of Class Begin 4. The Injuries Continue Into Adulthood
5. Friends and Sports: The Injuries Escalate and Become Personal 6. Structure and Culture: The Macro Context of Growing Up Working Class
7. Facebook: A Reunion of Angry (and Not so Angry) 8. Conclusions: Hard and Settled Living, Self-Confidence, and The Development of Angry (and Not so Angry) White Working-Class Men and Women
This enlightening auto-ethnography examines how social class (and other social institutions and structures) affect how people grow up. Primarily, the book investigates how American children and young adults are impacted by the "hidden injuries" of class, and offers a rich description of how these injuries manifest and curdle later in life. Thomas J. Gorman provides sociological explanations for the phenomenon of the so-called "angry white man," and engages with this phenomenon as it relates to the rise of recent populist political figures such as Donald J. Trump. He also examines how and why white working class people tend to lash out at the wrong social forces and support political action that works against their own interests. Finally, the book demonstrates the connections between working-class attitudes toward schooling, sports, politics, and economics.

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