Applications of Formal Philosophy

The Road Less Travelled
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Rafal Urbaniak
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241x159x22 mm
14, Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning
¿Investigates new areas including ethics, political science and methodology of natural and social sciences, in which mathematical techniques are applied to formal methods
1.Applied Formal Philosophy: Some Re ections on the Program.- 2.The logic of guilt, innocence and legal discourse.- 3.Counterfactuals in logic programming with applications to agent morality.- 4.The Wisdom of the Multitude: Diversity versus Size.- 5.A formal semantics of international relations.- 6. A Logic for Human Actions.- 7.Reasoning with Comparative Moral Judgements: an Argument for Moral Bayesianism.
This book features mathematical and formal philosophers' efforts to understand philosophical questions using mathematical techniques. It offers a collection of works from leading researchers in the area, who discuss some of the most fascinating ways formal methods are now being applied. It covers topics such as: the uses of probable and statistical reasoning, rational choice theory, reasoning in the environmental sciences, reasoning about laws and changes of rules, and reasoning about collective decision procedures as well as about action. Utilizing mathematical techniques has been very fruitful in the traditional domains of formal philosophy - logic, philosophy of mathematics and metaphysics - while formal philosophy is simultaneously branching out into other areas in philosophy and the social sciences. These areas particularly include ethics, political science, and the methodology of the natural and social sciences. Reasoning about legal rules, collective decision-making procedures, and rational choices are of interest to all those engaged in legal theory, political science and economics. Statistical reasoning is also of interest to political scientists and economists.

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