New Religions and State's Response to Religious Diversification in Contemporary Vietnam
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New Religions and State's Response to Religious Diversification in Con

Tensions from the Reinvention of the Sacred
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Chung Van Hoang
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1. Competing religious worldviews of the post-renovation Vietnam.- 2. Modernity and religious reconfiguration: a Vietnamese perspective.- 3. Encountering the uninvited the state, the established religions and attempts to shape NRMS.- 4. Revitalising the legacy of a local sage: the school of teaching goodness.- 5. A "spiritual revolution" for national salvation: the way of the jade Buddha.- 6. An attempt to reconfigure Buddhism: the great mother's field of esp.- 7. The reinvention and reconfiguration of NRMS.- 8. Conclusion.
To this end, the book draws on a number of research approaches and methodologies in an effort to provide readers with a multi-faceted understanding of Vietnam's new religious groups. The research is interdisciplinary in orientation, drawing on sociology and anthropology. It is also comparative in that it bases its argument on a consideration of three distinct new religious groups in Vietnam. The research is also qualitative and ethnographic in that it drew on some of the techniques associated with participant observation during a sustained period of fieldwork amongst the three religious groups.

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