All-Optical Signal Processing

Data Communication and Storage Applications
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Stefan Wabnitz
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246x177x2 mm
194, Springer Series in Optical Sciences

Provides a unique overview of the state-of-the art in optical signal processing technologies and devices
Preface.- Pulse shaping and optical arbitrary waveform generation.- Temporal and spectral nonlinear pulse shaping methods in optical fibers.- Materials and structures for waveguide nonlinear photonics.- Optical regeneration.- All-optical nonlinear guided wave switching.- Wideband and noise-inhibited signal manipulation in dispersion engineered parametric mixers.- Slow light enhanced nonlinear optics in integrated semiconductors.- Energy-efficient optical signal processing using optical time lenses.- Photonic signal processing for logic and computation.- Optical information capacity processing.- Ultrafast optical techniques for communication networks and signal processing.- Quantum frequency conversion.- Photonic quantum information processing using nonlinear optics.- Nonlinear polarizabilities and optical signal processing in chip-scale graphene-silicon optoelectronics.- Harnessing nonlinear optics for microwave signal processing.- All-optical signal processing versus o-e-o conversion plus electronic processing.- All-optical pulse shaping for highest spectral efficiency.
This book provides a comprehensive review of the state-of-the art of optical signal processing technologies and devices. It presents breakthrough solutions for enabling a pervasive use of optics in data communication and signal storage applications. It presents presents optical signal processing as solution to overcome the capacity crunch in communication networks. The book content ranges from the development of innovative materials and devices, such as graphene and slow light structures, to the use of nonlinear optics for secure quantum information processing and overcoming the classical Shannon limit on channel capacity and microwave signal processing.
Although it holds the promise for a substantial speed improvement, today's communication infrastructure optics remains largely confined to the signal transport layer, as it lags behind electronics as far as signal processing is concerned. This situation will change in the near future as the tremendous growth of data traffic requires energy efficient and fully transparent all-optical networks. The book is written by leaders in the field.

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