Surgical Treatment of Colorectal Problems in Children
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Surgical Treatment of Colorectal Problems in Children

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Alberto Peña
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¿Introduction.- History.- Basic Anatomy and Physiology.- Prenatal Diagnosis.- Neo-Natal Management.- Colostomy.- Imaging.- Bowel Preparation.- Perineal Fistula.- Bulbar Fistula.- Prostatic Fistula.- Bladder Neck Fistula.- No Fistula.- Minimally Invasive Approach.- Re-Operations on Male Patients.- Vestibular Fistula.- Cloacas.- Cloacal Exstrophy.- Bowel Management.- Operations to Administer Enemas.- Urologic Problems.- Hirschsprung's Disease.- Idiopathic Constipation.- Perianal Fistula.- Posterior Sagittal Approach for Other Conditions.- Rare, Complex Defects.- Associated Defects in General.- Future, Advances.- Long Term Follow-Up.- Sacrococcygeal Teratoms.- ARM in Developing Countries.- Hemorrhoids.- Polyps.- Angiodysplasia Gastro Rectal Heterotopia Rectal Bleeding.
This superbly illustrated book on the surgical treatment of pediatric colorectal problems focuses in particular on the specific technical maneuvers that may be considered key to successful results. The presented management concepts are based on a database comprising over 5000 patients, more than 2300 of whom have been operated on by one of the authors as lead surgeon over the past 30 years. The full range of colorectal disorders in children is thus covered, from cloaca and fistulas to rare presentations. In addition, chapters are included on topics such as prenatal diagnosis, minimally invasive techniques, recent advances in imaging, and a bowel management program for fecal incontinence. Surgical Treatment of Colorectal Problems in Children is eminently a practical book. Clarity, simplicity and applicability are emphasized throughout. The excellence of the illustrations and photographs is a crucial feature and the reader will also have access to instructive videos of procedures.

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