Smart Information Systems

Computational Intelligence for Real-Life Applications
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Frank Hopfgartner
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Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Provides insights and case studies from experts in the field, with extensive experience that bridges both academia and industry
Part I: Smart Information Aggregation Services
Intelligent News Aggregator for German with Sentiment Analysis
Danuta Ploch

Twitter Sentiment Tracking for Predicting Marketing Trends
Cagdas Esiyok and Sahin Albayrak

Health Assistance for Immigrants
Till Plumbaum, Funda Klein-Ellinghaus, Anna Reeske, Kristin Pelz, and Frank Hopfgartner

Information Aggregation in an Enterprise
Erwin Gunadi and Sahin Albayrak

Part II: Personalization and Recommendation Services

Semantic Movie Recommendations
Andreas Lommatzsch

News Recommendation in Real-Time
Benjamin Kille, Andreas Lommatzsch, and Torben Brodt

Personalized Information Access using Semantic Knowledge
Till Plumbaum and Andreas Lommatzsch

Personalized Fashion Advice
Till Plumbaum and Benjamin Kille

Gamification of Workplace Activities
Michael Meder, Brijnesh Johannes Jain, Till Plumbaum, and Frank Hopfgartner

Part III: Sensor-Based Knowledge Acquisition and Signal Processing Services

Optimization of In-House Energy Demand
Stephan Spiegel

Detecting Violent Content in Hollywood Movies and User-Generated Videos
Esra Acar, Melanie Irrgang, Dominique Maniry, and Frank Hopfgartner

Discovery of Driving Behavior Patterns
Stephan Spiegel

Intermodal Mobility Assistance for Megacities
Esra Acar, Marco Lützenberger, and Marius Schulz
This text presents an overview of smart information systems for both the private and public sector, highlighting the research questions that can be studied by applying computational intelligence. The book demonstrates how to transform raw data into effective smart information services, covering the challenges and potential of this approach. Each chapter describes the algorithms, tools, measures and evaluations used to answer important questions. This is then further illustrated by a diverse selection of case studies reflecting genuine problems faced by SMEs, multinational manufacturers, service companies, and the public sector. Features: provides a state-of-the-art introduction to the field, integrating contributions from both academia and industry; reviews novel information aggregation services; discusses personalization and recommendation systems; examines sensor-based knowledge acquisition services, describing how the analysis of sensor data can be used to provide a clear picture of our world.

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