Semantics of Complex Words

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Laurie Bauer
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3, Studies in Morphology

Covers the latest achievements of research into complex word semantics
Introduction by Laurie Bauer, Lívia Körtvélyessy and Pavol Stekauer.- Semantics, Concepts, and Meta-Cognition: Attributing Properties and Meanings to Complex Concepts byChristina L. Gagné and Thomas L. Spalding.- The Interface of Semantic Interpretation and Inflectional Realization by Gregory Stump.- The Role of Second Order Schemas in the Construction of Complex Words by Geert Booij and Francesca Masini.- Sense Inheritance in English Word-Formation by Laurie Bauer and Salvador Valera.- Word-Formation Strategies: Semantic Transparency vs. Formal Economy by Lívia Körtvélyessy, Pavol Stekauer and Július Zimmermann.- Lexeme Formation in a Conscious Approach to The Lexicon by Livio Gaeta.- Remarks on Tautology in Word-Formation by Bogdan Szymanek.- Form and Meaning of Bahuvrihi Compounds: Evidence from Modern Greek and its Dialects by Marios Andreou and Angela Ralli.- Transpositions and the Limits of Word Formation by Pius Ten Hacken.- Structural Sensitivity as an Argument for Underspecification by Antonio Fábregas.- Stacking as a Reflex and Indicator of (Proto-)Typical Selectional Restrictions by Heike Baeskow.- Thoughts on Morphology and Cultural Evolution by Mark Aronoff.- Predicting the Semantics of English Nominalizations: A Frame-Based Analysis of -ment Suffixation by Lea Kawaletz and Ingo Plag.
This volume offers a valuable overview of recent research into the semantic aspects of complex words through different theoretical frameworks. Contributions by experts in the field, both morphologists and psycholinguists, identify crucial areas of research, present alternative and complementary approaches to their examination from the current level of knowledge, and indicate perspectives of research into the semantics of complex words by raising important questions that need to be investigated in order to get a more comprehensive picture of the field. Recent decades have seen both extensive and intensive development of various theories of word-formation, however, the semantic aspects of complex words have, with a few notable exceptions, been rather neglected. This volume fills that gap by offering articles written by leading experts in the field from various theoretical backgrounds.

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