Enhancing Synergies in a Collaborative Environment

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Pablo Cortés
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Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering

Latest advances in operations, management and decision sciences
Preface.- Organization.- Committees.- OR, Modelling and Simulation.- Mixed-Model Sequencing Problem improving labour conditions, by J. Bautista, R. Alfaro, C. Batalla, S.M. Llovera.- A Heuristic Approach for Integrated Storage and Shelf-Space Allocation, by N. Esmaili, B.A. Norman, J. Rajgopal.- Evaluation of Pull Control Strategies and Production Authorisation Card Policies Recovery Period in a Multi-Product System, by C.E. Onyeocha, J. Khoury, J. Geraghty.- Smart decision in industrial site selection: what s new in the case of a steel mill in Brazil?, by A. Gomes, C. Cosenza.- Dynamic multi-objective maximal covering location problem with gradual coverage, by M. Forghani Youshanlo, R. Sahraeian.- Logistics, Production and Information Systems.- Drivers and stages in "Packaging Logistics". An analysis in the food sector, by J. García-Arca, J.C. Prado-Prado, A.T. González-Portela Garrido.- A tabu search approach for production and sustainable routing planning decisions for inbound logistics in an automotive supply chain, by D. Peidro, M. Díaz-Madroñero, J. Mula, A. Navalón.- Clothing industry: main challenges in the supply chain management of value brand retailers, by S. Martínez, A. Errasti, M. Rudberg, M. Mediavilla.- Structural Equation Modeling for Analyzing the Barriers and Benefits of E-procurement, by Peral Toktas-Palut, Ecem Baylav, Seyhan Teoman, Mustafa Altunbey.- Ergonomic Risk Minimisation in Assembly Line Balancing, by J. Bautista, C. Batalla, R. Alfaro.- Reverse Logistics Barriers: An Analysis Using Interpretive Structural Modeling, by M. Bouzon, K. Govindan, C.M.T. Rodriguez.- Mixed trips in the school bus routing problem with public subsidy, by P. Aparicio, J. Muñuzuri, J. Guadix.- Analysis of the criteria used by organizations in supplier selection, by J.I. Moliné, A.M. Coves, A. Rubio.- Event Monitoring Software Application for Production Planning Systems, by A. Boza, B. Cortes, M.M.E. Alemany, E. Vicens.- Optimization of Public Transport Services in Small and Medium Size Towns. A Case Study on Spain, by Elvira Maeso González, Juan Carlos Carrasco Giménez.- Methodology to manage Make-to-order and Make-to-stock decisions in an electronic component plant, by J. Maheut, D. Rey, J.P. Garcia-Sabater.- Effects of the Implementation of Antequera Dry Port in Export and Import Flows, by G. González, M. Olmo, E. Maeso.- An Iterative Stochastic Approach Estimating the Completion Times of Automated Material Handling Jobs, by Gunwoo Cho, Jaewoo Chung.- Strategy and Enterpreneurship.- Transportation Infrastructure and Econonomic Growth Spillovers, by H. F. Moralles, D. A. N. Rebelatto.- Influence of the environmental factors in the creation, development and consolidation of university spin-offs in the Basque Country, by E. Zarrabeitia Bilbao, P. Ruiz de Arbulo López, P. Díaz de Basurto Uraga.- Conceptual Model for Associated Costs of the Internationalisation of Operations, by Ángeles Armengol, Josefa Mula, Manuel Díaz-Madroñero, Joel Pelkonen.- Relations between Costs and Characteristics of a Process. A Simulation Study, by J. Fortuny Santos, P. Ruiz de Arbulo López, M. Zarraga Rodríguez.- Critical Success Factors on implementation of CEM (Customer Experience Management) through Extended Marketing Mix, by A. Arineli, H. Quintella.- Financing Urban Growth In Aging Societies: Modelling The Equity Release Schemes In The Welfare Mix For Older Persons, by David Bogataj, Diego Ros-McDonnell, Marija Bogataj.- Sustainable Urban Growth in Aging Regions: Delivering a Value to the Community, by D. Bogataj, D. Ros McDonnell, A. Temeljotov Salaj, M. Bogataj.- The role of the entrepreneur of the New Technology-based Firm (NTBF), by J.A. Torrecilla García, A.G. Skotnicka, E. Maeso González.- Quality and Product Management.- Increasing Production and Minimizing Costs during Machining by control of Tool's Wears and or Damages, by N. Coppini, I. Santos.- Impact of 5S on productivity, quality, organizational climate and IS
This volume contains a selection of the best papers presented at the 8th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management, XX International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, and International IIE Conference 2014, hosted by ADINGOR, ABEPRO and the IIE, whose mission is to promote links between researchers and practitioners from different branches, to enhance an interdisciplinary perspective of industrial engineering and management.
The conference topics covered: operations research, modelling and simulation, computer and information systems, operations research, scheduling and sequencing, logistics, production and information systems, supply chain and logistics, transportation, lean management, production planning and control, production system design, reliability and maintenance, quality management, sustainability and eco-efficiency, marketing and consumer behavior, business administration and strategic management, economic and financial management, technological and organizational innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship, economics engineering, enterprise engineering, global operations and cultural factors, operations strategy and performance, management social responsibility, environment and sustainability.

This book will be of interest to researchers and practitioners working in any of the fields mentioned above.

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