Style and Creativity in Design

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Chiu-Shui Chan
639 g
244x161x22 mm
17, Studies in Applied Philosophy, Epistemology and Rational Ethics

Provides readers with solid background and context to understand the phenomenon of design cognition
1 Introduction

Part I Conceptual Framework

2 Introduction of Design Cognition

Part II Style

3 Development of Studies in Style

4 Style as Identities in Design Products

5 Style Approached from the Design Process

6 Creation of Style in the Design Process

Part III Creativity

7 Development of Studies in Creativity

Part IV Style and Creativity

8 Creative Processes and Style

9 Cognitive Theory of Style and Creativity

Name Index

Subject Index
This book looks at causative reasons behind creative acts and stylistic expressions. It explores how creativity is initiated by design cognition and explains relationships between style and creativity. The book establishes a new cognitive theory of style and creativity in design and provides designers with insights into their own cognitive processes and styles of thinking, supporting a better understanding of the qualities present in their own design.
An explanation of the nature of design cognition begins this work, with a look at how design knowledge is formulated, developed, structured and utilized, and how this utilization triggers style and creativity. The author goes on to review historical studies of style, considering a series of psychological experiments relating to the operational definition, degree, measurement, and creation of style. The work conceptually summarizes the recognition of individual style in products, as well as the creation of such styles as a process before reviewing studies on creativity from various disciplines, presenting case studies and reviewing works by master architects.

Readers will discover how creativity is initiated by design cognition. A summary of the correlations between creativity and style, expressed as a conceptual formula describing the cognitive phenomenon of style and creativity concludes the work. The ideas presented here are applicable to all design fields, allowing designers to comprehend and improve their design processes to produce creative, stylistically unique products.

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