Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome

From Bench to Bedside
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Pier Luigi Meroni
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Rare Diseases of the Immune System

Provides up-to-date knowledge on the pathogenesis and management of the syndrome
Foreword.- Preface.- 1 APS: Introductory notes.- 2 Immunology and Genetics of APS.- 3 The paradox of the lupus anticoagulant.- 4 The pathogenic mechanism(s) for APS-mediated thrombosis.- 5 The pathogenic mechanism(s) for APS-mediated pregnancy loss.- 6 Classification criteria.- 7 Non-classification criteria.- 8 Obstetric APS.- 9 APS and the nervous system.- 10 APS and renal involvement.- 11 Non-thrombotic hematologic manifestations in APS.- 12 Heart and APS.- 13 Skin and APS.- 14 Additional organs involved in APS (eye, ENT, GI, endocrine).- 15 Treatment of thrombosis.- 16 Treatment of pregnancy complications.- 17 Asymptomatic carries of APS.- 18 New treatments.- 19 Secondary APS.- 20 Catastrophic APS.
This book, part of the series Rare Diseases of the Immune System, offers comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of the pathophysiology and management of the antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). Immunologic and genetic aspects are discussed and the pathogenic mechanisms responsible for such phenomena as APS-mediated thrombosis and pregnancy loss/complications are explained. The main clinical manifestations, classification criteria and diagnostic tools are identified, and close attention is paid to the nature of the involvement of various organs or organ systems in APS. Specific chapters describe the treatment of the different symptoms, therapies of value in avoiding recurrences, and innovative treatment approaches. The authors are senior experts in the field who are aided by younger fellows, ensuring that the book is also educationally oriented. This handy volume will be a valuable tool for postgraduates in training and professionals wishing to extend their knowledge of this specific syndrome.

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