Viruses and Man: A History of Interactions
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Viruses and Man: A History of Interactions

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Milton W. Taylor
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241x161x30 mm
Covers little known areas such as the interest and practice of bacteriophage therapy in Eastern Europe during the 1930's until today
Chapter 1. A Short History of VirologyChapter 2. What is a Virus?
Chapter 3. A History of Cell Culture
Chapter 4. Discovery of Bacteriophage
Chapter 5. Beginnings of Molecular Biology
Chapter 6. History of Immunology
Chapter 7. Interferons
Chapter 8. Cancer and Viruses
Chapter 9. Smallpox
Chapter 10. Yellow Fever
Chapter 11. Influenza
Chapter 12. Poliovirus and Other Picornaviruses
Chapter 13. Hepatitis
Chapter 14. Herpes Viruses
Chapter 15. HIV and AIDS
Chapter 16. Phage Therapy and the Future
Chapter 17. Viral Oncolysis or Virotherapy
Chapter 18. Gene Therapy and Viral Vectors
Chapter 19. Vaccine Against Virus Infections
Chapter 20. Emerging Viruses
Chapter 21. Manufacturing Viruses
Chapter 22. Viruses as Biological Weapons
Milton Taylor, Indiana University, offers an easy-to-read and fascinating text describing the impact of viruses on human society. The book starts with an analysis of the profound effect that viral epidemics had on world history resulting in demographic upheavals by destroying total populations. It also provides a brief history of virology and immunology. Furthermore, the use of viruses for the treatment of cancer (viral oncolysis or virotherapy) and bacterial diseases (phage therapy) and as vectors in gene therapy is discussed in detail. Several chapters focus on viral diseases such as smallpox, influenza, polio, hepatitis and their control, as well as on HIV and AIDS and on some emerging viruses with an interesting story attached to their discovery or vaccine development. The book closes with a chapter on biological weapons. It will serve as an invaluable source of information for beginners in the field of virology as well as for experienced virologists, other academics, students, and readers without prior knowledge of virology or molecular biology.

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