The ISRM Suggested Methods for Rock Characterization, Testing and Monitoring: 2007-2014
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The ISRM Suggested Methods for Rock Characterization, Testing and Moni

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R. Ulusay
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The present and future of rock testing: highlighting the ISRM suggested methods.- Laboratory testing: Suggested method for determination of the Schmidt Hammer rebound hardness: revised version.- Suggested methods for determining the dynamic strength parameters and mode-I fracture toughness of rock materials.- Suggested method for the determination of mode II fracture toughness.- Suggested method for reporting rock laboratory test data in electronic format.- Upgraded suggested method for determining sound velocity by ultrasonic pulse transmission technique.- Suggested method for determining the abrasivity of rock by the Cerchar Abrasivity test.- Suggested method for determining the mode I static fracture toughness using semi-circular bend specimen.- Suggested methods for determining the creep characteristics of rock.- Suggested method for laboratory determination of the shear strength of rock joints: revised version.- Suggested method for the needle penetration test.- Field testing: Suggested method for rock fractures observations using a borehole digital optical televiewer.- Suggested method for measuring rock mass displacement using a sliding micrometer.- Suggested method for step-rate injection method for fracture in-situ properties (SIMFIP): Using a 3-Components Borehole Deformation Sensor.- Suggested Methods for rock stress estimation- establishing a model for the in situ stress at a given Site.- Suggested method for monitoring rock displacements using the global positioning system (GPS).- Suggested methods for rock failure criteria: general introduction.- Introduction to suggested methods for failure criteria.- Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion.- The Hoek-Brown failure criterion.-Three-dimensional failure criteria based on the Hoek-Brown criterion.- Drucker-Prager criterion.- Lade and modified Lade 3D rock strength criteria.- A failure criterion for rocks based on true triaxial testing.- A survey of 3D laser scanning techniques for application to rock mechanics and rock engineering.
This book is a collection of ISRM suggested methods for testing or measuring properties of rocks and rock masses both in the laboratory and in situ, as well as for monitoring the performance of rock engineering structures. The first collection (Yellow Book) has been published in 1981. In order to provide access to all the Suggested Methods in one volume, the ISRM Blue Book was published in 2007 (by the ISRM via the Turkish National Group) and contains the complete set of Suggested Methods from 1974 to 2006 inclusive. The papers in this most recent volume have been published during the last seven years in international journals, mainly in Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. They offer guidance for rock characterization procedures and laboratory and field testing and monitoring in rock engineering. These methods provide a definitive procedure for the identification, measurement and evaluation of one or more qualities, characteristics or properties of rocks or rock systems that produces a test result.

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