MicroRNAs: Key Regulators of Oncogenesis

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Sadegh Babashah
795 g
240x162x25 mm
The contents of this book was scrupulously designed and explicitly written
Preface Part I MicroRNAs: biology and implications in cancer
1 MicroRNAs and cancer: an overview
Sadegh Babashah
2 Epigenetics and microRNA in cancer
Jiazeng Xia, Xiaoqiang Guo, Kaiyuan Deng
3 MicroRNA, diet and cancer chemoprevention
Sharanjot Saini, Rajvir Dahiya
4 MicroRNAs and energy metabolism in cancer cells
Linchong Sun, Xiaoping He, Yang Cao, Ping Gao, Huafeng Zhang
5 MicroRNAs and solid tumors
Gianpiero Di Leva, Michela Garofalo
6 MicroRNAs and blood cancers
Charles H Lawrie
7 MicroRNAs and oncogenic human viruses
Muriel Thirion, Teru Kanda, Yoshiki Murakami, Takahiro Ochiya, Hisashi Iizasa
8 MicroRNAs linking cancer and inflammation: focus on liver cancer
Angélique Gougelet and Sabine Colnot
9 MicroRNAs and regulatory pathways in tumorigenesis
Jun Wei, Yong Li, Xiaoming Liu, William C. Cho
10 MicroRNA-modulated apoptotic and autophagic signaling networks in cancer
Bo Liu, Yu-quan Wei
11 MicroRNAs and cancer drug resistance and drug sensitivity
Hugo Seca, Raquel T. Lima, M. Helena Vasconcelos
12 The biological roles of microRNAs in cancer stem cells
Bin Bao, Asfar S. Azmi, Aamir Ahmad, Yiwei Li, Sanjeev Banerjee, Dejuan Kong, Shadan Ali, and Fazlul H. Sarkar
Part II MicroRNAs and their clinical implications
13 MicroRNAs and clinical implications in cancer
Jürgen Wittmann
14 MicroRNA expression profiling and its clinical impact in breast cancer
Manuela Ferracin, Laura Lupini
15 MicroRNAs and their clinical impact on resistance to anticancer treatment
Kirsten Lindner, Joerg Haier, Richard Hummel
16 Nanocarriers and microRNA-based scenarios for cancer therapy
Babak Bakhshinejad, Mohammad Amin Javidi, Sahar Babashah, Sadegh Babashah
17 Challenges and strategies for pulmonary delivery of microRNA-based therapeutics
Yu Fujita, Kazuyoshi Kuwano ,Takahiro Ochiya
Aberrant expression and function of microRNAs (miRNAs) in cancer have added a new layer of complexity to the understanding of development and progression of the disease state. It has been demonstrated that miRNAs have a crucial function in oncogenesis by regulating cell proliferation and apoptosis as oncogenes or tumor suppressors. The expression signatures of miRNAs provide exciting opportunities in the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy of cancer. Since miRNAs can function as either oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes in oncogenesis, the potential of using these small RNAs as therapeutic targets opens up new opportunities for cancer therapy by either inhibiting or augmenting their activity.

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