Connecting a Digital Europe Through Location and Place
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Connecting a Digital Europe Through Location and Place

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Joaquín Huerta
Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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These carefully selected and peer-reviewed papers from the 17thAGILE conference on geographic information science showcase some of the most advanced research in this fast-moving field, ranging from crowdsourcing to geosensor networks and indoor navigation.

Estimating Completeness of VGI Datasets by Analyzing Community Activity over Time Periods.- Estimation of building types on OpenStreetMap based on urban morphology analysis.- Qualitative Representations of Extended Spatial Objects in Sketch Maps.- Exploring the geographical relations between social media and flood phenomena to improve situational awareness - A study about the River Elbe Flood in June 2013.- Event identification from Georeferenced Images.- A recursive Bayesian filter for anomalous behavior detection in trajectory data.- Using GPS logs to identify Agronomical Activities.- Assessing the influence of pre-processing methods on raw GPS-data for automated change point detection.- Mining Frequent Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Wind Speed and Direction.- STCode - the text encoding algorithm for latitude/longitude/time.- Fast SNN-based clustering approach for large geospatial data sets.- RSS and sensor fusion algorithms for indoor location systems on smartphones.- An image segmentation process enhancement for land cover mapping from Very High Resolution remote sensing data - Application in a rural area.- Line matching for integration of photographic and geographic databases.- Encoding and querying historic map content.- An area merge operation for smooth zooming.- Point Labeling with Sliding Labels in Interactive Maps.- Routes to remember: Comparing verbal instructions and sketch maps.- Behaviour-driven development applied to the conformance testing of INSPIRE Web services.- Making the Web of Data Available via Web Feature Services.- CityBench: A geospatial exploration of comparable cities.- A GIS-based process for calculating visibility impact from buildings during transmission line routing.
This book collects innovative research presented at the 17th Conference of the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe (AGILE) on Geographic Information Science, held in 2014 in Castellón, Spain. The scientific papers cover a variety of fundamental research topics as well as applied research in Geospatial Information Science, including measuring spatiotemporal phenomena, crowdsourcing and VGI, geosensor networks, indoor navigation, spatiotemporal analysis, modeling and visualization, spatiotemporal decision support, digital earth and spatial information infrastructures.

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