Codification in International Perspective

Selected Papers from the 2nd IACL Thematic Conference
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Wen-Yeu Wang
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Comprehensively covers the story of codification
Introduction; George A. Bermann.- Preface; Wang Wen-Yeu.- About the Authors.- Part I Codification: from a Broader Perspective.- Codification, Decodification and Recodification: History, Politics and Procedure; Whitmore Gray.- Codification: The Civilian Experience Reconsidered on the Eve of a Common European Sales Law; Reinhard Zimmermann.- Part II Soft Codification of Private Law.- Supranational Codification of Private Law in Europe and Its Significance for Third States; Jürgen Basedow.- The Soft Codification of the Unidroit Principles of International Commercial Contracts: Process and Outcome; Chang-fa Lo.- Restatements and Non-State Codifications of Private Law; Deborah Demott.- Part III Codification of Private Law in Post-Soviet Times.- Codification in the 21st century; Lado Chanturia.- Private Law Codification in the Republic of Croatia; Tatjana Josipovic.- Codification of Private Law in Post-Soviet Times; Frederyk Zoll.- Part IV Codification of Administrative Procedure.- Codification of the Law of Administrative Procedure General Perspectives; Jean-Bernard Auby.- Part V Criminal Law Codification Beyond the Nation State.- Model penal code and the codification dilemma in the US; Steve Thaman.- Part VI Codification of Human Rights.- Codification of Human Rights at National and International Levels General Perspectives; Giuseppe Franco Ferrari.- National Perspectives - Finland; Hannu Kiuru.- National Perspectives - Germany; Uwe Kischel.- National Perspectives - Israel; Tomer Broude and Yonatan Weisbrod.- National Perspectives -Japan; Akiko EJIMA.- National Perspectives - Netherlands; Ida Lintel and Marthe Lot Vermeulen.- National Perspectives - Portugal; Luísa Neto.- National Perspectives - Romania; Irina Moroianu Zlatescu.- National Perspectives-The United States; Leila Nadya Sadat.
No aspect of legal formalism has interested comparative jurists as much as the extent of legislative codification across legal systems. This book looks at codification from a broad, international perspective, discussing general themes as well as various legal fields. The first of two volumes on this subject begins with a general theoretical and historical view of codification, followed by a series of other horizontal inquiries. It encompasses papers focusing on several significant contemporary issues in codification, including "codification of private law in post-soviet times", "criminal law codification beyond the nation state" and "soft codification of private law". In addition, this volume consists of general reports and national reports on administrative procedure and human rights, providing a comparative analysis of codification of law.This book is developed from papers presented at the 2012 Thematic Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law.

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